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Official: PR citizen action dangerous

By DANIEL BLACKBURN The city of Paso Robles faces only one big fiscal threat these days, according to city council member Fred Strong — and that’s the people of Paso Robles. Strong summarized his philosophy in an email to a... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles to spend $20,000 for chief search

Paso Robles City Council  members voted unanimously Tuesday evening to hire an outside head-hunter firm to find a new chief of police. City officials agreed to hire the Los Gatos firm of  William Avery and Associates at a cost of... (Continue reading)

Importance of a 3 person voting majority

OPINION By GARY NEMETH There is a danger in believing a rumor without asking where the rumor started, who started it, what they had to gain. Sometimes it’s started to stir the pot or to change the discussion from what... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles administrator accused of conflict of interest

The Paso Robles city administrative services director purchased a Chevy he asked the city council to approve for sale for about half of its Kelley Blue Book value prompting allegations of a conflict of interest and misuse of public... (Continue reading)

“Online rumors” caused chief’s departure?

Two Paso Robles city council members have penned a “viewpoint” in The Tribune shoveling praise on fallen police chief Lisa Solomon, slamming county residents who have commented on her public behavior and sexual conduct, and criticizing news reports for causing... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles residents challenge chief’s rich deal

When the Paso Robles City Council agreed last week to pay Police Chief Lisa Solomon $250,000 for the embattled 46-year-old’s early “retirement,” more questions were raised than answered. Meanwhile, additional details of the city’s first female police chief’s checkered career are... (Continue reading)

Solomon out as Paso Robles chief

By DANIEL BLACKBURN Lisa Solomon has stepped down as chief of police of Paso Robles following a tumultuous two months of relentless accusations by her own officers of sexual misconduct. An agreement between her and the city calls for payment... (Continue reading)

App to Solomon: Lovely Lisa Meter Maid

Paso Robles City Manager Jim App labeled Police Chief Lisa Solomon as "Lovely Lisa Meter Maid” in one of a number of sometimes bizarre emails between top city staff, in which App also identified himself as “P.B.G. phat bald guy.” In... (Continue reading)

Will Paso Robles police chief be canned tonight?

Lisa Solomon told her officers she plans to remain the Paso Robles chief of police, a claim that appears to be up to city leaders who are slated to discuss disciplining or dismissing her at tonight’s city council meeting. Listed... (Continue reading)

Picanco to run for another term

Paso Robles Mayor Duane Picanco announced Thursday he plans to run for another term in the November election. [Tribune] He is the first candidate to announce plans to seek the seat. Candidates officially submit intentions between July 16 and August... (Continue reading)