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Paso Robles’ police protection dwindling

Rattled by a recent spike in violent crime, several Paso Robles police officers are questioning the impact the department’s current policy of not always responding to some criminal activities is having on public safety. Paso Robles has been operating under a... (Continue reading)

Police chief under fire for retaliating against her men

A Paso Robles police officer, who says his numerous attempts to force the chief to run the department in a legal and productive manner were rebuffed, filed a claim against the city in December and plans to follow up with... (Continue reading)

Officials ‘knew’ of sexual allegations against chief

Allegations of sexual misconduct by Paso Robles’ chief of police didn’t surprise everyone, according to a former councilman who said today that the city’s top management and council members have known of the assertions for years. Lisa Solomon has been accused... (Continue reading)

PR police union demands safe work environment

STATEMENT By PASO ROBLES POLICE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION We as police officers and dispatchers are honored to serve the great citizens of Paso Robles and do so with pride. We know the responsible citizens of Paso Robles work very hard, pay... (Continue reading)

Police chief accused of sexually assaulting her officers

Law enforcement officers have names for the girls offering them sex on the beat: Badge Bunny. Holster Sniffer. Uniform Jumper. Handcuff Hugger. In Paso Robles, brethren in blue have one more: The Chief. A flurry of complaints and mounting formal grievances... (Continue reading)

Walmart return line bandit struck again?

The robbery of a Paso Robles Walmart on Saturday is oddly similar to a heist that occurred at a Gilroy Walmart a week earlier. In both cases, a white man wearing a ball cap walked up to the cashier at the... (Continue reading)

Peace officers buying and selling assault weapons

California peace officers have bought more than 7,600 assault weapons that are outlawed for civilians in the decade since state lawmakers allowed the practice, according to data obtained by the Associated Press after it was revealed that federal authorities are... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles gangs, civic concern growing

Residents of Paso Robles and other North County communities are keenly aware of a growing gang presence in their neighborhoods, but many public officials continue to pretend nothing is wrong. [NewTimes] In recent weeks, law enforcement agencies have banded together... (Continue reading)

Seven arrested in Paso Robles drug raid

Officers arrested seven people for various drug offences following an early morning raid of a home on the 500 block of Beverly Drive in Paso Robles. At about 7 a.m. today, officers with the Paso Robles Police Department the San... (Continue reading)

Lawmen attack North County gang violence

Law enforcement personnel blanketed Paso Robles over the Labor Day weekend as authorities rolled out their “Safe Streets” campaign, making 35 arrests and issuing 30 traffic citations. It was the first appearance of a joint agency force, officials of which... (Continue reading)