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Man arrested for child pornography umpired girls’ softball

An Atascadero man arrested Tuesday for possessing child pornography worked as an umpire for Atascadero Girls’ Softball, board members confirmed today. Girls from 6-years-old to 18-years-old play softball as part of the Atascadero league. While several board members confirmed Andrew... (Continue reading)

Templeton husband and wife accused of child molestation

A Templeton husband and wife were arrested for the alleged repeated molestation of a male relative under the age of 14, according to a sheriff report. Donald Baker, the former nursing director of the intensive care unit at a Templeton hospital,... (Continue reading)

OPINION: Pity the children, not the porn fan

By KAREN VELIE Not a lot shocks me anymore. Even so, I am stunned by the number of blog posters and media reporters who worry that people accused of child porn, once convicted, will be unable to get their lives back... (Continue reading)