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Blogs needn’t report campaign pay

Bloggers receiving political campaign money won’t be required to report that to state elections officials, at least for now. [Sacramento Bee] The chairwoman of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) announced last month her intention to initiate a mandatory disclosure... (Continue reading)

Jim Patterson and the California Valley solar ranch

OPINION By ALEX ALEXIEV Fifth District Supervisor Jim Patterson has distributed a campaign brochure touting the fact that he “has led the effort” to approve two solar energy projects and “provide nearly 400 skilled worker positions” at the California Valley... (Continue reading)

Change Paso is getting to work

By DANIEL BLACKBURN There are many problems facing Paso Robles these days, and most of them have been caused by poor management in an environment where cronyism thrives, said the co-chairperson of a new group with “change” high in its... (Continue reading)

Why Am I Running?

OPINION By GERRY MANATA, Democratic for Assembly District 35 Why me? I ask myself this every few days when I wake up in the morning. I am almost sixty-six years old and have never held a public office, although I... (Continue reading)

California lawmakers salaries highest in nation

Despite years of pay cuts spurred by the budget crisis, California legislator’ salaries remain the highest in the nation. [SacramentoBee] California lawmakers lead the nation with base pay at $95,291, trailed by Pennsylvania, $82,026, and New York, $79,500.  On Friday,... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles needs new beginning

OPINION By GARY NEMETH I’m Gary Nemeth,  running for Mayor of Paso Robles because I believe in accountability, integrity, honesty, and trust you the community deserve to expect no less than the best in the leader you hire to represent... (Continue reading)

Term limits plan moves forward

An initiative changing term limits for members of the California Legislature will go before voters in November. If the measure meets with voter approval, a politician would be allowed to serve only 12 years instead of 14, and only in... (Continue reading)

Cleaning up Paso Robles from the inside

OPINION By MAYORAL CANDIDATE GARY NEMETH I have been asked what it takes to make the changes necessary to bring back the community we all remember. I have found that difficult situations such as what we have been going through... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles Council saves us from ourselves once again

OPINION By GARY NEMETH The Paso Robles City Council meeting on March 6 is proof that we can be assured that our elected leaders are interested only in what is best for all the citizens of Paso. During public comments... (Continue reading)

Congress makes move on state water

A partisan majority in the U.S. Congress Wednesday approved a wide-reaching California water bill providing a gift-basket of benefits to farmers and striking down existing state law. [SacramentoBee] The bill, by Republican Congressman Devin Nunes of Visalia, stretches out and... (Continue reading)