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Why Lois Capps is worried

California House Democrats, including veteran representative Lois Capps (D-Santa Barbara), are likely to face serious challenges to their long-held seats in the upcoming 2012 election. [North County Times] The reason: Changes in California’s election code and political boundaries make the... (Continue reading)

Kevin McCarthy, Young Gun

Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) may be 45, but he clearly considers himself to be a “Young Gun” when it comes to national politics. McCarthy, whose district includes parts of San Luis Obispo County, and two other conservative Republicans have co-authored... (Continue reading)

Pinnacles to be California’s new National Park?

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-California) introduced legislation Thursday designed to elevate Pinnacles National Monument to a National Park. [LA Times] The 26,000 acre parcel of land, located near Soledad, is a nesting place for the endangered California condor. Hikers and naturalists... (Continue reading)

Term limits made things worse, many backers now say

Twenty years ago, California enacted the toughest term limits law in the nation, but today, many of those original supporters now regret their decision. [Mercury News] “Of all the mistakes I’ve made in public life, the one I regret most... (Continue reading)

Cong. Kevin McCarthy tagged “Instant GOP Star”

Cong. Kevin McCarthy, whose district includes much of San Luis Obispo County, continues to enjoy a high media profile in Washington, D.C. The conservative Republican was just tagged an “Instant GOP Star” and made the list of “50 Politicians to... (Continue reading)

Why voters need to reject slush fund politics

By Matt Kokkonen All over America, voters are rejecting the lies and half-truths of politicians. They are rejecting “business-as-usual” politics, secret political agendas, and the influence of Big Money on our elections. They are demanding greater transparency and accountability from public officials. They... (Continue reading)

Criticism of Palin’s CSU speech mounts

Increased pressure is coming from all directions, demanding that California State University officials reveal publicly the amount of money former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is being paid for an upcoming speech on the Stanislaus campus. [Orange County Register] University... (Continue reading)

Karl Rove coming to town

It must be a Republican dream come true — Karl Rove, popularly referred to as “Bush’s Brain,” is coming to town Saturday, March 27. The political consultant, strategist, pundit, and author–the man credited with getting George W. Bush into the... (Continue reading)

FPPC rejects Crawford complaint

The California Fair Political Practices Committee  (FPPC) has rejected a complaint alleging a conflict of interest involving a San Luis Obispo County Parks Commissioner. The complaint, filed by Santa Margarita blogger Ron Crawford, argued that Parks Commissioner Pandora Nash-Karner of... (Continue reading)

Special interests spend $1 billion in California

A new analysis by the Fair Political Practices Committee indicates that special interests have dropped approximately $1 billion on electioneering in California this last decade. [Contra Costa Times] Labor unions, Indian tribes, and pharmaceutical companies have contributed the most money... (Continue reading)

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