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New report confirms accuracy of SmartMeters

A new study by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) concludes that the SmartMeters used by PG&E are accurate and not to blame for a recent spike in electric bills. [Press Democrat] However, the $1.4 million study, released Thursday at... (Continue reading)

California emergency room wait now four hours and 34 minutes

Visiting a California hospital emergency room last year meant waiting an average of four hours and 34 minutes–two minutes longer than in 2008 and 27 minutes longer than the national average. [California Watch] California ranks 40th in the U.S. for... (Continue reading)

Researchers claim reusable grocery bags contain bacteria

Researchers at Loma Linda University and the University of Arizona have found that reusable shopping bags, long championed by environmentalists, contain large amounts of bacteria, posing a risk that food could become cross-contaminated. [San Gabriel Tribune] The new findings come... (Continue reading)

Whooping cough on the increase in San Luis Obispo County

County public health officials are continuing to investigate a major increase in the number of cases of whooping cough, also known as pertussis. Locally, more than 100 cases of whooping cough have been identified, compared to 2 cases in 2009... (Continue reading)

Beauty salon inspector accused of targeting minorities

A state inspector, in charge of examining beauty salons and barber shops in San Luis Obispo County, has been accused of leveling steep fines on local beauticians and disrespecting the salons’ operators. Her behavior has caused some to question her motivation... (Continue reading)

Why is CALPERS hurting local pharmacies?

By JASON TEWELL CALPERS (State of California employees) are about to be forced, by Blue Shield of California, to use only a mail-order pharmacy in New Mexico to receive prescription benefits. Several of the patients from my store that are going to be... (Continue reading)

Deadly fungus spreading in California

A currently untreatable strain of fungus has claimed the lives of at least 23 people in California and the Pacific Northwest, researchers said Friday. [KTVU] Known as Cryptococcus Gattii, the new strain of fungus is spread by the wind. It... (Continue reading)

If it takes a village–then you better build a hut for the therapist

By RACHEL LYNN SCHERZ Children need therapy.  Teenagers need therapy. There I said it.  For so long, I’ve shied away from such bold and finite statements. But after years of working in elementary, middle, and high schools, being a nanny, ... (Continue reading)

Director of state hospital accused of raping children

The executive director of Napa State Hospital was arrested and charged with 35 felony counts including 22 counts of forcible oral copulation, 11 counts of sodomy by use of force and two counts of forcible lewd acts on a child,... (Continue reading)

Tips on living from “Octo-Man”

By BILL DENNEEN Most of you are probably not in this age category right now, but all indications are you will be someday. In 1950, there were only 15 million folks over the age of 80, but for 2050  a... (Continue reading)