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Arroyo Grande may sell property to fund police station

The Arroyo Grande City Council will discuss selling city properties to help fund the construction of a new police station. After Arroyo Grande voters twice rejected ballot measures to fund a new police station, the council voted last November to... (Continue reading)

Redevelopment agency battle returns to court

The California law banning redevelopment agencies faces another challenge in court. The League of California Cities announced Monday that it filed a lawsuit in Sacramento County Superior Court against the state Department of Finance, Board on Equalization and Controller on... (Continue reading)

Lawmakers attempt to revive redevelopment

Funding for redevelopment in California could be revived through four bills slated to divert property taxes for local development projects. These bills have made it to the final sprint of the state legislative session, which ends today at midnight, and are now... (Continue reading)

Standard & Poor’s cuts Arroyo Grande’s credit rating

Arroyo Grande’s credit rating outlook was cut by Standard & Poor’s because of the city’s failure to set aside sufficient funds to meet bond debt requirements. S&P reduced its outlook on Arroyo Grande’s long-term and underlying rating on its Redevelopment... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach proposes water rate increase

Grover Beach officials are proposing a 10 percent water rate increase to make up for a budget shortfall partially caused by a loan defaulted on by the city’s now defunct redevelopment agency. [Tribune] In an attempt to close an estimated... (Continue reading)

Who’s to blame for the abolition of California’s redevelopment agencies?

OPINION By MIKE BRENNLER Lately we have heard a great deal of grumbling concerning Governor Brown’s decision to abolish Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRDA). Much of the grumbling comes directly from city officials who complain that the Governor’s actions are akin... (Continue reading)

Court eradicates redevelopment agencies

State budget writers can scrub redevelopment funds used by California cities to redevelop blighted areas, the state’s supreme Court ruled today. [LATimes] As a result of the decision, San Luis Obispo County’s five redevelopment agencies stand to lose a combined... (Continue reading)

SLO County projects and redevelopment funds in jeopardy

Under two new state laws, San Luis Obispo County’s five redevelopment agencies stand to lose a combined $4.5 million within the next year alone and several projects may be in jeopardy—that is if the law prevails over looming legal challenges... (Continue reading)

Questionable Grover Beach plan using redevelopment funds derailed

By LISA RIZZO Two Grover Beach councilwomen voted down a controversial plan Monday to sell a public garden to the town’s redevelopment agency in a move that had been set to help ease the city’s budget woes. The city needed... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach’s use of redevelopment funds scrutinized

Critics of a proposed sale of a community garden allege Grover Beach city leaders have been using state redevelopment funds to bail out the city during revenue shortfalls by funneling money from its Improvement Agency into its general fund. And... (Continue reading)