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Supreme Court tosses Santa Maria groundwater rights case

By JOSH FRIEDMAN The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of the disputed Santa Maria Groundwater Basin management plan, ending 16 years of costly litigation over water supplies in Northern Santa Barbara County and Southern San Luis Obispo... (Continue reading)

Supreme Court refuses to halt pending prisoner releases

The U.S. Supreme Court refused Friday to halt the pending release of nearly 10,000 California inmates by years end to deal with unconstitutional prison conditions caused by overcrowding. [CNN] The court voted 6-3 Friday to reject a plea from Gov.... (Continue reading)

Supreme Court rejects petition to halt same-sex marriages in California

The Supreme Court rejected a petition Sunday from Proposition 8 backers to stop same-sex weddings in California. [Huffington Post] Justice Anthony Kennedy denied the petition, upholding a ruling by an appeals court to allow same-sex marriages to resume in California.... (Continue reading)

Same sex couples’ Supreme Court victory

The Supreme Court came out in favor of gay marriage by voting to overturn a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act and letting stand a lower court ruling overturning California’s Proposition 8. [ChicagoTribune] “The principal purpose and the... (Continue reading)

High Court snuffs Arizona voter-ID law

An Arizona voter-approved law requiring people desiring to vote t0 prove they are U.S. citizens was struck down Monday morning by the U.S. Supreme Court. (The Blaze) The so-called voter-ID law in Arizona was the biggest test to date of... (Continue reading)

High court eyes gay marriage

High-level legal arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the fate of this state’s Proposition 8 appear to be sharply dividing justices. (San Jose Mercury News) The voter-approved same-sex marriage ban marks the first time the high court has needed... (Continue reading)

Gun-packing issue heads for high court

A heated debate on the “rights” of Americans to be armed in public may be drawing closer to scrutiny from the U.S. Supreme Court. (San Francisco Chronicle) The argument, which has been wending its way through lower courts, takes on... (Continue reading)

Gay marriage gets high court look

California’s current ban on gay marriages will be scrutinized by the U.S. Supreme Court, which decided Friday it will review a legal challenge to the voter mandate. (Sacramento Bee) The high court will consider a prior decision by a federal... (Continue reading)