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Black bear kills chickens in San Luis Obispo

A 500-pound black bear broke into a chicken coop at the 1800 block of San Luis Drive in San Luis Obispo early Wednesday morning and began killing chickens. Police fired pepper balls at the bear in order to drive it... (Continue reading)

Mountain Lion at the Oceano Dunes?

Local photographer Amy Joseph was capturing images of the Oceano Dunes on Saturday afternoon when she took a few photos of what she thought was a stray horse. To her surprise, zoom images appear to show a mountain lion running... (Continue reading)

Police run bear out of town

San Luis Obispo police officers were able to chase a 200 to 250 pound black bear from the populated area of Marsh and Santa Rosa Streets to a more rural area closer to open space late Wednesday night. Residents first... (Continue reading)

Black bear sighted in Arroyo Grande

A black bear was spotted on Sunday morning in a man’s backyard on Palm Court in Arroyo Grande. [KSBY] At about 5:30 a.m., a man checking on a barking dog came face to face with what appeared to be a... (Continue reading)

Mountain lion killed in San Luis Obispo

A mountain lion was shot and killed in the backyard of a San Luis Obispo residence on the city’s northeast side on Tuesday night. [KEYT] San Luis Obispo Police responded to a 911 call that reported a cougar was in... (Continue reading)

Shell Beach residents battling sea birds

A colony of Cormorants’ invasion into a Shell Beach neighborhood has left homes splattered with excrement and neighbors questioning why they were forced to allow the birds to nest in their neighborhood. Cormorants are known to move into an area, cover... (Continue reading)

Historic proposed state policy against use of sea water

By JACK McCURDY A landmark new state policy that for the first time would restrict and phase out use of estuary, delta and ocean water for cooling coastal power plants has drawn the adamant opposition of the Coastal Alliance on... (Continue reading)

SLO is quick to kill wild pigs

Residents and tourists alike are enjoying Johnson Ranch, the one-year-old open space park tucked away at the intersection of S. Higuera and Ontario Road in San Luis Obispo. However, city officials are stymied by what to do about the wild... (Continue reading)