KYNS 1340 signs up controversial gay talk show host

February 10, 2010

KYNS 1340 AM radio, formerly home of Air America on the Central Coast, will introduce a controversial syndicated gay talk show host to local airwaves starting next week.

Charles Karel Bouley, who broadcasts simply under the name “Karel,” bills himself as the “nation’s first openly gay liberal talk show host.”  In an email announcement sent out to his fans Wednesday, Karel said to “look for new markets, including San Luis Obispo next week.”

Karel, who hosts his show from his home in Long Beach, broadcasts live from 3 to 6 p.m. No word yet on whether KYNS will carry the show on a delayed basis, or bump local host Bill Benica, now heard from 4 to 6 p.m. on weekdays.

Karel was fired from KGO radio in San Francisco for an obscenity-laced tirade against political figure Joe the Plumber that accidentally went out over the air during a network news break. Karel claimed he didn’t know his microphone was on at the time.

KYNS lost some key programs when Air America recently filed for bankruptcy.

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KAREL will be in the evening and mr. Benica will remain in place. If you haven’t heard his show… you should tune in tomorrow.. and if you arn’t into Bill then tune into KPYG which is the #1 A35-64 station in the market…

When Karel was no longer on KGO…there was a huge void. He is an intelligent, witty and fun talk show host. It has made my year that much better once again being able to listen to him on Green960 from 3-6pm. It’s amazing that people can form judgements regarding his show, whom have never even listened, that’s “unintellegent”.

Bringing on the limp wristed and thinking of bumping Bill Benica huh? Poor Bill, just can’t stop and havea simple show and a cup of Joe. You rock Bill!


[…] Love the comments, they already hate me! 1 minute ago […]

This show will fart and fall just like Air Head America did.Bunch of losers.

idiot.. just sayin.

Everyone will be saying………………….KYNS 1340 AM radio……<<<<WHO ?

KYNS home of Dodgers Basball coming soon.

based on what jim is saying this clown sounds like another Rush, Coulter, O’reilly or Hannity. Just what we don’t need on either side of the political fence. On the other hand Benica needs to move off the 4-6 slot….People fall asleep at the wheel listening to him and that creates traffic hazards.

Turn on Dave instead.

I’m a huge KGO fan and appreciate their intelligent approach. Karel was a terrible host. Not because of his sexual orientation, but because he wasn’t very bright. I can’t tell you how many times he’d make some pronouncement about a news item and have his facts totally incorrect. I frequently had to turn him off because his rants were based on incorrect assumptions. I hope he’s learned something from the trouble at KGO.