Settlement made in Cal Poly hazing suit

September 9, 2010

Carson Starkey

The parents of a Cal Poly student who died during a fraternity hazing agreed to a $500,000 settlement with a former Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity member
Carson Starkey, 18, from Austin, Texas, died of alcohol poisoning after a Sigma Alpha Epsilon initiation event. Starkey had a blood alcohol of between 0.39 and 0.44.

Haithem Ibrahim, 21, is the first defendant to agree to a settlement.

Scott and Julia Starkey are suing the fraternity and eight additional fraternity members for their alleged involvement in their son’s hazing death.

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Jeez, I think if yourt kid is a Frat brat then you’ve just agreed to he being a drunk along with all the potential calamities that HAVE ALWAYS come with membership. Sue the booze company, sue

the school that the whole scene revolves around, but the other kids who are not even adults? Nah. You know, when you think about it how can anybody be sued for any misdeeds involving drunkeness? As soon as the brain starts misfiring because of the solvent flowing thru it there isn’t any responsibility due really. The booze was introduced by the boozemaker and the retail outlet for a profit, then consumed by a sober person who then became a problematic. Booze is one hell of a powerful drug that was sort of Grandfathered in so it’s really accepted as harmless until dead people start happening. The human race would be in a much better place today if the crap was never “invented”. Go after the morons in this world who have profited monitarily. After a certain point of intoxication people are no longer liable for misdeeds. Like drugs, it eliminates pain and discomfort, without repulsion from pain and discomfort the individual continues being negatively affected instead of running away or discontinuing whatever is damaging them. Let’s rename booze “Bad decision”. Either that or make it illegal and weed legal, since humans have go to somewhere else rather than reality. Really, there’s only one good choice, it’s called “dealing with reality”.

[…] This is the first defendent to settle a suit with Mr. and Mrs. Starkey […]