Grover Beach man’s plane strayed into Obama’s airspace

February 17, 2012

A plane loaded with a large amount of marijuana was forced to land after it strayed into President Barack Obama’s no-fly zone over Los Angeles on Thursday. [LATimes]

U.S. Air Force jet fighters forced the pilot of the four-seat Cessna owned by David W. Major, 52, of Grover Beach to land at the Long Beach Airport. The plane entered restricted airspace as the president was flying into Los Angeles aboard Marine One, a military helicopter provided for his use.

Federal agents detained the pilot after discovering what they described as a large amount of marijuana on board. Because of an ongoing drug investigation, the name of the pilot is not being released.



  1. Jack L says:

    You can’t travel anywhere in CA without running into pot these days…………..air, land and sea. The current and past two presidents have all smoked it. Seems to be mainstream at this point.

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    • Sally says:

      I bet the current president is the only one that used cocaine.

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      • bobfromsanluis says:

        Hey, let’s double down; my assertion is that George W. Bush not only used cocaine, but he did so much of it he abused cocaine. Try “the google” for yourself.

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        • zaphod says:

          Hatfield was murdered for linking George not so much to cocaine but to James R .Bath who procured aircraft and stuff for wealthy Saudis

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          • Typoqueen says:

            I always wanted to read Fortunate Son, but it looks as if that might be difficult to do now. Interesting info.. I had heard about the coke and everyone knows how his dad always bailed him out and he dodged going to Vietnam but I didn’t know that the author had ‘killed’ himself,,,how convenient, looks like another gift for little George B..

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            • zaphod says:

              Old interview with the author
              bush bath bcci nugen-hand bank

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              • Typoqueen says:

                I had to watch that one in diff. segments as it was so long but it was really good. So I can get the book but now it’s called ‘The Book They Tried To Burn’, that’s an easy one to remember. If Pa Bush would do so much for his incompetent son it makes one wonder about Hatfield’s suicide, the timing seems very suspect.

                Funny how GW had everything given to him, a get-out-of jail free card re. his coke use, school, sports team, oil, dodge the war and he was even given an election. Talk about a teflon don, this guy always gets away with everything. Afirmative Action could never help anyone out as much as that idiot was helped out.

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              • Typoqueen says:

                How funny, I just read your other links and this paragraph was in one of them: “Initially, as the subject of one of his manuscripts, the primary focus was on the drug wars, but because of Pete Brewton’s January 1990 newspaper series about the Houston S&L scandal, in which Brewton alleged the Bush family, CIA members, and Mafia members in a de facto conspiracy to steal vast sums of money”,

                I guess I called that one when I called him the true ‘teflon don’. I didn’t even get into his relations with the Saudis and the Bin Ladens. It’s amazing.

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      • zaphod says:

        rumors about JFK and lsd

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  2. Guy_Wise says:

    It was 40 lbs folks! This plane and it’s contents now owned by Obama!

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    • hotdog says:

      Nice play on Wiseguy’s name, and then taking the opposite tact. Plus the post is nonsensical, surefire proof this isn’t from the wiseman.
      Bringing in partisan politics at every turn only causes one to lose credibility.

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  3. Citizen says:

    Mr. Major just lost his plane. The DEA will probably be flying it in the future. Grover Beach has a rep for lots of dope and lots of ex-cons. Bobby Beausoleil’ s wife lives there. Bobby’s new CD Lucifer Rising is on their website. Some might say they are “Satanists”.

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    • Russ J says:

      Wrong Mr. Citizen. Mr. Major’s plane is a lease back to an FBO where it’s kept. Do you think they take cars away from Hertz when Joe the dope dealer gets caught in it?

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    • WiseGuy says:

      You are so completely and absolutely WRONG, “Citizen.” The wife NEVER lived in Grover and doesn’t even live in California. And they are not “Satanists”. It’s a shame when a person slanders people and communities , and misleads the public based on so much absolute, IGNORANCE.

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  4. racket says:

    … Jacob Lew, White House chief of staff since 1/27/2012, firmly denied allegations that the pilot was a delivery driver …

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  5. SewerHeightsRez says:

    Clearly a case of the Feds crushing a legal medical mj delivery collective.

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  6. The Gimlet Eye says:

    Obama is the biggest doper of them all.

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    • Typoqueen says:

      WTF? So this is also a way to rag on Obama, why don’t you throw in comment about the unions while you’re at it. Same old song and dance.

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    • As the world turns says:

      The comment about Obama being a doper has nothing to do with the topic.

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    • WiseGuy says:

      Gimlet, you base your mean-spirited accusation on what? Furthermore, what inspires you to want to bring up such an irrelevant topic?

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  7. MaryMalone says:

    Another testament to the bizarro world in SLO County.

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  8. Typoqueen says:

    Of all the luck, this guy was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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    • Side_Show_Bob says:

      No luck involved.

      He blew it by not paying attention to the simplest things. TFR’s (Terminal Flight Restrictions) are published well before any visiting dignitary arrives, sometimes days ahead.

      For someone trying to skirt the law in a heavily controlled environment, he was not paying very close attention. I guess it would be safe to say that he’s not a very good criminal.

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      • Side_Show_Bob says:

        Also, the Grover Beach resident may be listed as the owner of the aircraft as determined by it’s tail number but that’s not to say he was piloting the aircraft. I’m sure we’ll hear about that soon, though.

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      • Typoqueen says:

        You’re right, I understand this was preventable, but still, what’s the chance of flying into presidential air space. It’s a big country and it’s only one plane, I would imagine the chances are pretty low.

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        • Maxfusion says:

          While I agree ‘it’s a big country’ the TCA (terminal control area) are not. That’s where this event took place. It’s a highly monitored area with strict rules of conduct for pilots who operate in that environment. Side_Show_Bob is correct.

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          • Maxfusion says:

            Wow, you could post the sun sets in the west and get a thumbs down.

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            • Side_Show_Bob says:

              Yeah, I just love it when I post factual, irrefutable information simply for information’s sake to fellow readers and get a thumbs down.

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  9. easymoney says:

    Another story about dopers for profit in our area..
    Just lucky he was not taken out by a heat seeking missle or drone…

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