Loaded mayoral candidate partakes in Paso Robles debate: Video

October 22, 2012

One of six candidates for Paso Robles City Council who participated in a Wednesday evening forum at the Paso Robles Inn appeared intoxicated when he arrived about 15 minutes late wearing a T-shirt and flip-flops.

Mayoral candidate Jeff Rougeot smelled of alcohol and became aggressive on several occasions, lashing out at an audience member who laughed, and the event’s moderator, former Congresswoman Andrea Seastrand. See forum video at www.CPRN2012.com.

Video by DANIEL BLACKBURN, JOEY BLACKBURN/Central Coast News Agency

Mayoral candidate Jeff Rougeot


  1. MaryMalone says:

    Another website picks up the Jeff Rougeot disaster at the CPRN2012.org candidate forum:


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  2. paul72852002 says:

    If you really want to send local government a message, elect the sorry drunk.
    He’s not smart enought to rob you.

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  3. Spot on says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is with Jeff having a few cocktails prior to the meeting. By the looks of all the decisions the current council has made, it appears to me they have been drinking more than Jeff!

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