Driver crashes into SLO police cruiser and flees

December 31, 2012

San Luis Obispo Police said a man crashed into the back of a police cruiser before fleeing northbound on Highway 101 Monday at about 6:15 a.m.

Shortly after Sgt. Jeff Booth entered the highway from the Prado Road on-ramp, an older white Chevrolet pick-up traveling at excessive speeds plowed into his cruiser propelling it to the center median and into a guard rail. Booth sustained minor injuries.

The suspect vehicle then fled the scene traveling northbound.

Officers are asking anyone with information about the accident to call the California Highway Patrol at 805-593-3333.


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I have dealt with Sgt Booth before and let me tell you this, he’s not nice. He and his fellow slop goons gave me a ticket and cuffed me on fathers day in my own front yard for having my 5 pound chihuahua off its leash. I brought a smile to my face when i read this article. Booth is a real POS, glad he got dealt wrecked


Well well well now the shoe is on the other foot!

I was the victim of a hit and run accident on Madonna Road seven years ago. Although I had a partial license plate the police refused to run it through their system. Two days later my husband found the car and driver that hit me and once again the police refused to come, saying they were “too busy..” I spent 90 minutes the next day waiting to talk to the watch commander and refused to leave until i could meet with him. He immediately ran the license plate (we now had the entire number) and found the driver, Stephanie Macias, was a repeat offender with a mile long record. It took yet another day- we are now four days after the accident – before the police went to talk to her. Their excuse? “It’s only a misdemeanor..” She was convicted and paid all of one $75 restitution payment on a $4000 bill for repairs, lost wages, and health care charges and no one- I repeat NO ONE – has pursued this. I have contacted Probation on a regular basis to no avail.

If it turns out it was Stephanie Macias I would sure appreciate being notified as she wrecked my car and has never made another payment. Good luck!

I hope you get better service than I did from your department. But hey it’s only a misdemeanor…

Probably not a misdemanor to do so to an LEO, since they are more important that regular folks, and don’t you know if you are a LEO or fireman to beat a regular person almost to death it’s just a mutal disagreement and the LEO or fireman that runs from the location, for fear of his life, hmmmmm, he gets almost a week to get everything in order before a visit from his fellow people.

What an asshat response…

This has nothing to do with reality or the story…

Just because some people (like you) do not like LEO or Firefighters is no excuse for belittling those involved who risk their lives to deal with these incidents.

If you had to respond to an incident like this which might have the possibility to end your life, you might think diffrerently…

For 3 years, I responded to emergencies while maintaining this nation’s stockpiles of chemical munitions ( read nerve and mustard agents ) in 2 different theaters of operations. Leaking munitions present on of the deadliest environments imaginable. I entered a bunker with a leaking rocket where the vapor level of nerve agent was over 1900 times the lethal dose.

Never once did I feel that I was above or better than the citizens of this nation. I was in one of two classes in this country: military. There are exactly two classes: civilian & military. However, law enforcement has incrementally inserted themselves as a third class that they see as being above both military and civilians.

Both the military and law enforcement work for us and must submit to civilian authority. The military understands this and operates within its boundaries. Some law enforcement officers, not so much.

Sorry.. womanwhohasbeenthere. I know how you feel..

I have had service like this, from this department..DA. Grover. Far worse.. But !! I hope this officer is OK.. I never would want to see anyone hurt .My hope’s for the New year is better protection.. on the victims..of this county. Instead of covering up for the criminals..

With us. harassment and abuse done and nothing the police will do about it is really shameful. That what happened with us.. We need to see better.. if this is the service you got. That is shameful.. Beware of Pamela OcConal who uses a weapon.. and pepper sprays.. Just because.. So many incidences in the last 5 years have been completely ignored by police..even my 3 citizens complaints.. this department.. just does not want to investigate. Targeting and picking and choosing, not doing their jobs. I do not understand this county.. I can only say what has been told to me over and over again. Good ole boys club..Happy New Year. May we get in the new and out with the old.. corrupt stuff…

Stephanie died of Cancer in 2012 so let her rest in peace and let it go. She has paid her debt in life. Move on and allow peace in your heart as there is no way to change the past.

If caught, that driver will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Clearly the use of assault vehicles must be banned in this country. Why on earth would anyone need an assault vehicle that goes more than 60mph and carries more than 10 gallons of fuel. This is an outrage.

I hope that the officer in this story is ok. This kind of needless carnage could be stopped if we just got rid of all automobiles.


Really? I’m getting so tired of the comparisons between the Aurora and Newtown tragedies with “assault vehicles carrying 10 gallons of fuel” and “forks leading to obesity, therefore ban all forks” kind of posts. You are really comparing apples with oranges and in no way should those horrific occasions be minimized by comparing them to a hit and run of a police car in SLO County. That is what you were implying, right?

choprzrul if you want to go on and on about assault weapons in every thread, Don’t.

Continued trolling on this matter risks your account.