Mayor Brennler will ask for Attorney General probe

January 25, 2008

Atascadero Mayor Mike Brennler said Friday night he will ask state investigators to probe allegations that some city officials may have knowingly submitted false data to secure Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reconstruction funds for a youth center.

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Brennler made his comments on a 90-minute segment on the Dave Congalton Show on 920 KVEC. The city official said the issue “needs to be handled by the appropriate agency and let the chips fall where they may.” He suggested the matter should be looked at by the state Attorney General’s Office, and said he does not believe he needs approval from other council members to request such an investigation.

“Right now, I’m giving city management the benefit of the doubt,” said Brennler regarding the explanation provided him by top city staff.

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Member Opinions:

By: Anonymous on 1/29/08

Thanks for writing in Rob. Obviously you have been following this site if you know who is responding. Looks like you have too much time also. Or do you care about what’s going on in your community? You should..

By: Anonymous on 1/29/08

And to be fair…I did see a rebuttal floating around:, and the timeline at:

So there may be documentation that supports the claims, but still seems quite opportunistic even if the timeline shown is accurate. I am sure all of that is verifiable information that could be checked into quite easily. Being opportunistic is not necessarily illegal, just maybe not ethical?

By: Anonymous on 1/29/08

Nict to see that only about a dozen or so people give this site the time of day…same dopes writing the same stuff on each article. You people have entirely to much free time on your hands…

By: Anonymous on 1/28/08

Kathy M.-I too like everyone else is trying to figure out what happened at the site. Mike Brennler, like everyone else, is trying to figure it out. I would suggest that under the Freedom of Information Act go down to City Hallo and ask for all of the documents. I wish you all of the luck in the world at finding out the truth while McKinney is there.

It may be time for Brennler to put McKinney on administrative leave so that the all of the honest city employees can come out and tell the truth. I think everyone would be truly amazed at how quick the truth would come out if this happened.

By: Anonymous on 1/27/08

I think Wade could face criminal charges along with a few others. He did this along with some staff who knew better or should have known. The feds have been prosecuting this stuff all over the country and it’s usually homeowners who committ fraud for far less that 4Million. They have gone to jail for as little as 5K! I think he will be nabbed in the next few months. I know that a few people have alerted the FBI already. I’m so glad that Mike is our Mayor. We can all help him out by writing to the AG ourselves. Lets not leave it all on one persons back.

By: Anonymous on 1/27/08

There are a lot more city doc’s apart from the one Robert of A has received (no doubt from an anonymous e-mailer)I received one to. There are also e-mails. It’s time for Karen to post the stuff. Wade has already set his own trap. Go look at the time line he posted on the city web site. Then watch the true facts unfold. Wade has tarnished the good name of all the people in our community. I never wanted a stolen Youth Center. There are children in New Orleans that are still going to school in make shift boxes.My kids don’t need a youth center that bad. I have raised them right and you have set a very poor example.

By: Anonymous on 1/27/08

There is a staff report circulating from August 12, 2003. Masonic Temple/Printery Disposition.


Read it and decide for yourself folks. Considering that the property was in escrow three months later, I guess we can all figure out how the council voted.

It’s time to STOP THE LIES Wade. You have done all the damage that the citizens are going to take.

It’s time for Karen to post the escrow doc’s and signed deed.

By: Anonymous on 1/27/08

I trust Mike Brennler. He will do what he promised. He will clean up Atascadero. Ellen B said she would clean up city hall too. Looks like maybe she can’t take the strain anymore. Maybe she should resign if she can’t take the pain. No one would blame her. Its better to resign than to let McKinney and O’Malley take the “broken little bird” under thier wing. Jim Lewis needs to go out the door with McKinney.

By: Anonymous on 1/27/08

It would appear that the allegations are true. I have seen the city web site and the time line and facts are not accurate. Its time for Karen to post her documents.

I have to agree with kbob. Its going down,it really happend and most of the city knows it.

By: Anonymous on 1/27/08

I heard part of the show on KVEC radio and I found something Mike said to be very odd. He said that the dirt from the Youth Center was excavated and brought to the dump and was tested. Here’s what’s odd. He said the soil was clean!!

So then where is all that sledge, and petroleum bi-products etc etc? Still down at the Youth Center?? Where did it go if it wasn’t removed? I’m not so sure I trust Mike Brennler.

By: Anonymous on 1/26/08

It’s going down. This will make Wal Mart look like nothing. When Mike gets it cleaned out we all can get back to living in the really great city that we had.

By: Anonymous on 1/26/08

The residents of Atascadero should be thankful they have a mayor who cares, is proactive, and seeks the truth.

By: Anonymous on 1/25/08

Wade McKinney will be gone by the end of the year. He may even face criminal charges.

Whoever thought that Kelly Gearhart would be the Good Guy in all this?

By: Anonymous on 1/25/08

You have to give Mike credit for having the guts to buck the liars and find out what really happened. This study shouldn’t cost the taxpayers anything except that hopefully the administrators at City Hall who pulled this off will be caught and hopefully prosecuted to the max.