Lenthall really hates this commercial

May 19, 2008

County Supervisor Jerry Lenthall is threatening KSBY with legal action if the station doesn’t cease airing an opponent’s campaign commercial.

Lenthall’s threat centers on a comment made by his District 3 opponent, Adam Hill, which ironically is similar to one Lenthall aimed at a different adversary last election.

“Imagine that, increasing his salary while cutting our services,” says a voice in a television commercial boosting the candidacy of Adam Hill that prompted the letter.

Lenthall contends Hill’s claim is false and deceptive.

“According to San Luis Obispo County Manager David Edge, the county has not had to cut any services because of the ‘pay raise’ by the County Board of Supervisors,” Lenthall’s attorney, Thomas Hiltachk of Sacramento, wrote in a letter to station officials.

During Dave Congalton’s 920KVEC Home Town Radio talk show Friday, Hiltachk and Hill campaign consultant Chris Crotty debated the merits of the commercial. A caller claimed Lenthall had used the same campaign tactic during a tight race for the third district county supervisor seat in 2004.

In a Tribune-sponsored debate, Lenthall noted opponent Patty Andreen’s vote for a pay raise during financially unsettling times.

According to an Oct. 27, 2004, article in The Tribune, Lenthall said during that debate, “Patty, you have said how you were fiscally responsible for cutting almost $10 million on the school board, but you are on record during this time of initial financial crisis of proposing a pay raise for yourself and other board members when you are literally laying off teachers. Doesn’t that send a mixed message?”

KSBY continues to air Hill’s commercial. Evan Pappas, General Manager, KSBY-TV, said in a statement today:

“Although our practice is not to comment on our clients, I can tell you that in the case of political advertisers, if one side has a grievance with another side, we try to have them speak directly to one another and/or assist them in conveying their concerns to one another. Our practices are to enforce the rules and regulations of the FCC.”


By: Anonymous on 6/4/08

And the winner is? Nice job Adam, the people have spoken.

By: Anonymous on 5/24/08

Let's try a little old fashioned civility here:

The truth is Adam Hill really is a good man. And he knows his stuff about politics and planning and doesn't mind being open about his intentions. He's above board. Check out his website.

It seems to me that most people who personally know both Lenthall and Hill, whether they are Republicans or Democrats, are Hill supporters.

Examine all of Hill's many endorsements. Look at all the fire and law enforcement endorsements Hill has garnered. This is unprecedented in a local election where the opponent is an ex-police officer.

People who know him, trust Adam Hill.

Consider that both candidates are fine people. Forget all the dirt and personal attacks, simply do your homework and look at the character of the individuals and their degree of openness and honesty.

When it comes down to it in local politics, it matters very little about whether a candidate is Republican or Democrat. When it comes time to have to speak with or work something out with a County Supervisor and be treated openly and fairly, what matters most is CHARACTER.

Some people, of course are choosing Lenthall, but it appears that more people who have met face to face with both candidates and done their homework in researching the facts, or who for whatever reason know the nitty gritty about the candidates backgrounds are voting for Hill.

Beyond that, I would encourage everyone to do their homework, think for themselves and vote their conscience and, if only for a couple weeks, step beyond the dirty politics and insults and show respect for the candidates, their supporters or opponents, and the election process, and remember we are all neighbors in a pretty awesome place to live.

By: Anonymous on 5/23/08

There's a ton of personal "dirt" on Lenthall, and I'm actually happy that Adam Hill hasn't gone there. That said, it's pretty hypocritical for Lenthall to be sending out these mailers (I've gotten 3 so far) that cast aspersions on Hill. Jerry needs to go because Jerry is a fraud.

By: Anonymous on 5/23/08

if deep throat is correct about Jerry making child support payments for 18 years, there should be a public record. Who wants to dig?

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

How do you know Jerry has a daughter? How old is she? Does she still live in SLO County? Are there others?

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

Hmmm, so Jerry is saying he has no children. I guess he forgot about his now adult daughter. Jerry's parenting skills consisted of making child support payments for 18 years. Jerry should be really proud of his family values.

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

Thank you Congalto, you are correct. Ciaffardini was a liberal who broke the balls of the freakish right.

Thank you David for the effort.

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

David Ciaffardini is a icon on this blog


By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

Welcome to the new and exciting site called "David CiaffardiniUncovered"

He now owns and runs this site! Please welcome him.

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

Oh, and I just wanted to add that I don't blame everyone for being anonymous, obviously everyone is in different situations and some have legitimate reasons for being more discreet. That's fine, that's normal, and you certainly see the kind flak you take by being up front with your identity.

But these other folks, the real scum who attack the messengers instead of the messages, direct hurtful and obscene remarks willy nilly just for their personal sick joy, bully people and hide in the bushes, well, those people are lowly and are missing an opportunity to grow as humans by taking personal responsibility for their actions. And it is a shame that they may feel some sort of victory when people who wanted to try to raise the level of integrity and quality of public discussion have to start hiding because of their worthless bullying.

Hopefully we will all evolve and that a better system can be created to eliminate the problems these people cause the world.

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

For the record, I've used my real name here as a courtesy, because that is the way I would want to be treated if I was a politician and someone was criticizing me. I would want that person to take personal responsibility for their remarks.

I don't need the publiciity, I don't need to see my name in print. I have used my real name as a courtesy to all of you and hoping to set an example of raising the level of discourse and decorum.

I can start posting anonymously, no problem, but I thought that all of you would appreciate knowing who has posted these remarks. But I can post just as easily, more easily actually, just as often, and hide in the shadows just as well as any of you.

But, in this case it was especially a courtesy to Jerry Lenthall so that he would know who his critic is and could respond right back directly at me if he wanted without having to feel he's being attacked from the shadows by folks who take no responsibility for their words.

Do you think I'm upset. Not really. I tried, I experimented with honesty and fairness and openness. And I'm confident that honesty and fairness will prevail in the long run, but adjustments may have to be made. No problem.

But you folks who act so lowly here and show so little respect for common courtesy, well you have to live with yourselves and the consequences of living such a lowly and spineless existence. I don't mean to insult you as much as encourage you to wake up and treat others as you would want them to treat you. Have some guts, stand up, be the kind of person you would admire. As it is, in the long run you are not going to be happy with yourself and in a few years as death approaches, you will have LOTS of regrets for living an inauthentic life.


Reverend Anonymous

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

Hey David

This is old news…was brought up a couple of weeks ago and ignored…SIA


By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

I will suggest there be some form of formal registration to be able to post on this site. Or how about a subscription fee to be able to post. I haven't heard of any sites doing that, but it is worth thinking about now that your site is up and off to a great start.

Something needs to be done to prevent all this scum from continually floating to the top.

Surf's up!

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08


Stay tuned!

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

Ok, that has gone too far. Now that this last joker has used MY IDENTITY to publish phony remarks.

Dan and Karen, the time has come to provide a moderator for this forum. And, because you should have a record of this joker's e-mail, I think you should do whatever is possible to eleminate this scurilous posting and if there is any form of legal recourse (probably not) I will take it.

To Dan and Karen I hope you will take this as a heads up, because if this stuff is allowed, through no fault of your own, there will be worse things printed under false identities and some people will get more bothered than me and, I will be sorry if it ever comes to that, someone may try to make a legal matter of it.

Please do not think I am making any kind of legal threat to you, far from it, but there must be something done to prevent these lowest of the low to try to tarnish people's reputations.

Thank you.

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

Newsome also rhymes with handsome and wholesome. Most importantly, it rhymes with winsome.

This conversation has become absurd. I am with Ciaffardini — I'm outta here.

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

To David:

Happy trails to you until we meet again.

I thought I would never like country music this good.

Let's see how long bye bye lasts.


By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

You people are way too much!

I am picking up my toys and going home.

Enjoy your lives!

Go Adam Hill!

bye bye

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

This goon has driven me to votong for Jerry as well.

Keep up the good work david c

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

Sorry, I still don't get it. I understand the meaning of the words, and the sentence structure, but I still don't get it.

What I do get is a lot of vibe from you toward me. Which I also don't understand, but I am okay with that. I

So developers didn't fund Habitat sufficiently enough for your liking, and therefore you are angry at me for asking clarification?

You are probably going to get even angrier at me when I tell you that I know virtually nothing about Habitat, and that I have never knowingly donated anything to them.

My point is that mean people come in all political stripes. Habitat volunteers come in both political stripes.

The real hard part for me is your paragraph that begins with "So only a …"

If you would connect those dots with a little darker line, I think I might be able to understand the point you are making.

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

Newsome, which rhymes with gruesome and bothersome, what part of the argument don't you understand?

Your buddy slams Habit for Humanity because they built only one house last year. Had you and your developer pals made a bigger donation, HFH might have been able to build more.

So only a Lenthall supporter would take such a cheap shot at such a special local organization.

Is that sentence structured enough for you or do I need to use simpler words?

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

I don't get the comment about slamming Habitat and supporting Lenthall being equalish. I belive Jerry supports Habitat, and I believe his planning commissioner is on the Habitat board, or somehow involved.

So please, either use simple sentence structure so people like me can understand, or get your facts straight. Or both.

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

So now you're slamming Habitat for Humanity???

Geez, you must be a Lenthall supporter.

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08



By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

Since you are a big Hill supporter, can you explain the following ststement from his bio?

"Married to: Ginny Bayly-Hill, Tile Designer, and also a Board member for Habitat for Humanity"

Checking records it appears she is new to the organization that built ONE house last year.

Did she just join for political reasons?

Glass houses…..

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

Tell me it's not the same guy Puyallup, WA, now in oceano!

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

I love the way David gets the real issues. Strong willed and perfectly fair.

Thanks David for getting it straight on. Keep these freaks running like rats.

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

For your information, anyone who has lived in this county for more than a minute should know the name David Ciaffardini. Contributor to New Times, photographer for Times Press Recorder, Editor of the Five Cities Gazette, newsman on KVEC, and freelance writer, among other things.

The guy has more integrity than you'll ever know.

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

If you really look at it, David Ciaffardini is a fake.

Although the intials do say plenty.

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08


You have no right to make judgement on anyone. You're just a worthless, anonymous piece of crapola. Lenthall deserves your support. Neither one of you could probably find a wife.

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

There is no David. It's a phony name used by a person on dozens of blogs. The person owns no real estate in this county, has no traceable background has and submits the info below on one of his book blogs.

He/She wants to tell you to ID yourself but appears to be a phony.

Viewing profile :: David Ciaffardini

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Interests: Books, surfing, California art, Peace, Love, God

I think anyone like this is a bad representative for Adam Hill. I'm now leaning towards Lenthall.


By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

David blogs

Mr.Lenthall does not deserve to be elected to a second term and that Adam Hill, by all indications, is the much better man for the job.

David you have been pimped out by Adam and it looks bad.

What happened to the left of center reasonable David?

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

All right Dave! Internet Warrior!

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

I understand completely Mr. Anonymous guy. If I were you I would feel the same way. I have no illusions that I will change anyone's mind regarding any of this.

Just wait until you hear the LATEST—a whole NEW intriguing aspect of the story likely to infuriate you and any other Lenthall diehards to an entirely new level while providing a bizarre but plausible theory as to why this whole mess smells so fishy.

It's possible, and let me emphasize the word possible, that all of us, you, I and the media included, may have been played the fool by Mr. Lenthall and his lawyer.

Stay tuned!

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

I am so sick of seeing Ciaffardini on numerous blogs taking shots at Lenthall every chance he gets. Maybe Jerry locked him up back in the day.

He has 50% of the comments on these blogs. Most of which are cut and paste of another blog.

Get a life Ciaffardini

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

after careful thought and consideration, I have decided to cast my vote for Jerry. My vote is based entirley pon the fact that David Ciaffardini is against him.


By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

I think key point here, and what is so damning to Jerry Lenthall's campaign is not so much voting himself pay raises, it is the fact that he, through his lawyer, has threatened his opponent and KSBY with legal action for publicizing the truth about his actions. THAT is what I find so completely outrageous.

I can't think of another local political campaign of the last two decades or more where a candidate has used such a wildly frivolous and untenable legal accusation to intimidate the local media and a campaign opponent from pursuing a natural and obvious campaign issue.

Can anyone recall a more egregious form of legal bullying by ANY San Luis Obispo politician? I consider what the Lenthall campaign is doing to be absolutely reprehensible and is the antithesis of honesty, fair play and open government.

It goes beyond the realm of credibility that Mr. Lenthall could actually truly believe that he has a legitimate legal case here. I see it as nothing more than the most heavy-handed type of lowly legal maneuvering one can imagine anyone stooping to in a local non-partisan election.

That anonymous guy may once again begin attacking me personally for pointing all this out, and perhaps I will now be a target of a frivolous lawsuit from the Lenthall henchmen, but this is what I believe, and the facts certainly seem to back up my poionts.

But rather than attacking me personally, if someone thinks I am wrong on all this, I welcome them to step up here and address the ISSUES, not the people who bring them to the table for discussion.

And once again I would encourage and welcome Mr. Lenthall himself to come to this forum and give us his side of the story if he truly considers that I am incorrect in anything I have written about him here or elsewhere.

Maybe I really have missed something in all this and need to be corrected on some point. If so, I welcome anyone to point out any facts that can help us get closer to the truth on this matter.

But otherwise, until then, I stand behind everything I've written on this subject and hold my contention that for these and other reasons less publicized, Mr.Lenthall does not deserve to be elected to a second term and that Adam Hill, by all indications, is the much better man for the job.

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

Obama is charismatic. Also, Obama might win (tee hee).

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

How many pay increases has Hill got from the taxpayers while gravy training the Cal Poly gig. I think of Adam Hill as our own local "little Obama". He's been nowhere, and he's done nothing, but he's a great candidate.

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

I am not being very clear.

More important than the actual annual salary comparison, is a comparison of salary adjustments over, say, the past 10 years.

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

Here's an 11th hour question:

Has anyone done a check of county payroll to see whether supes salaries are in line with department heads?

Have the supes received C.O.L. increases, or any other increases, at a rate greater than, equal to, or less than, SLO County administrators over the past several years?

I suspect some ferretous individual on this board could use their sleuthing and find out whether the rate of pay increases for the supes is greater or less than dept directors.

We might all be surprised.


By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

Now that we've diverted the discussion to dissect my psychology and political history, lets get back to the posting that has generated so much passion:

Jerry Lenthall is damaged goods.

Imagine should it come time for the Board of Supervisors to cut the budget. Department heads will point to Mr. Lenthall, and how he voted for TWO pay raises for himself during tough financial times for the county, and laugh in his face. That is unless they are afraid that he will again call out his high-priced Sacramento lawyer and threaten legal action for having the truth pointed out to the public, exactly the way he has dealt with KSBY and his opponent Adam Hill when together they brought to light questionable actions by Mr. Lenthall.

Mr. Lenthall's legal threats are outrageous and every county voter in any district who ever has any reason to question the Board on any tough issue has reason to fear should Mr. Lenthall be elected to a second term.

Mr. Lenthall has gone off the deep end big time and there is every reason to believe he will not start acting nicer or more reasonable should he be allowed to continue on the Board.

Mr. Lenthall is a threat to fairness and open government and he has positioned himself to be laughingly ineffective when it comes time to make financial decisions for the county. And he continues to duck the media and won't face these issues head on.

And those are only a small portion of the problems and questionable actions Mr. Lenthall has saddled our county with. Thank God local voters have a an extremely capable alternative to vote for who I beleive will be balanced, fair and reasonable and NOT be a puppet for special interests: Mr. Adam Hill.

Signed, sincerely,

David Ciaffardini

who is NOT a radical lefty and NOT a Democrat, never voted for a Clinton, and DOES have a job, is NOT a whore for anyone, and has the integrity to not hide behind multiple phony ID's.

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

And your point is…?

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

Ciaffardini, once a left of center blogger now cannot resist to the lowest forms of populism, ideological idiocy and crass intellectual dishonesty.

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

OK Newsome, I guess I do care somewhat, I live in Los Osos, so there is one BIG thing that A county supervisor will have a ginormous effect on me.

The County supervisors will get the final say on what and where our wastewater treatment plant or system will be.

I would love to hear either Adam or Jerry comment on that, but I won't hold my breath, Los Osos is a political third rail, folks from the other districts (except now, Atascadero) point and laugh at us, but the fact is they are already paying for that debacle, and the cost is going to go up.

Who would I support? Well how about the first one that says the County has a great deal responsibility in fixing the Los Osos problem.

I'm pretty sure neither candidate would garner support from Los Osos, It would be like asking for a kiss of death.

Jerry has already gone on record for continued building permits being extended in Los Osos, even against the recommendation of the legal staff.

What would Adam have done?

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

David Ciaffardini is a decent enough writer, but the tone of his writing is so sneering that anyone not already disposed to agree with him is likely to be too distracted by his hyperbole to give his arguments a hearing.


By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

This thread is not supposed to be about ME, but just for the record, MY RECORD is an open book.

You can try to trash the messenger, but what I have said about myself is absolutely true. Do the research if you want.

I support good people when I see them and am not hesitant to speak up for them. As for the once noble Republican Party, the party of Abraham Lincoln, and some of its current members are certainly fine, uipstanding, well-meaning folks, but increasingly the Republican Party has been co-opted and devastated and has become a flag for the lowliest scoundrels to wrap themselves in and tear down so much of what is great about America.

I'm truly sorry that has happened, but I call it the way I see it.

And as far as veracity, and openness, I'm sure there are good reasons that some folks with integrity use pseudonyms when they blog here. But others are complete scoundrels and phonies and two-faced back-stabbers who make the most hideous B.S. claims and hide behind phony ID's so no one is able to call them on all their lies and wild and terribly false assumptions and allegations.

And God, isn't it a phenomena how so many of these latter types seem to gravitate to the Lenthall camp? If Mr. Lenthall was even half as vulgar and lowly as some of these Lenthall "supporters", well, dang, even I don't claim he is THAT despicable.

But I certainly wish that Mr. Lenthall had the political fortitude and integrity to denounce some of these insane yahoo's who spew all this B.S. in his "support."

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

Lompoc Lamb said (in a blog)

Mr. Ciaffardini has some serious flaws that he has to work out, so he bashes all rational thought with his ad hominem attacks. Don’t mind him; he typifies the left and their general inability to grasp the obvious

Ron Regan replied:

do agree with your characterization of Mr.David Ciaffardini, although possibly he is salvageable, and open to discussion, once he gets over his apparent anger.

David has a quite a history. But open mindedness and balance seem not to be in his skill sets!

By: Anonymous on 5/20/08

David Ciaffardini says: (in a blog)

Dear Don Regan:

Our county is doing quite well under the Congressional representation of Lois Capps, thank you. And yes, since you are one of Lois Capp's Republican opponents who has continually tried unsuccessfully to unseat her, I would expect you to attack her with hollow statements as has been your habit for years now.

Thank God for Lois Capps. Without her in office we might otherwise have another Republican in Congress–and you see the terrible direction Republican leadership has taken us!

David Ciaffardini says:(in this blog)

who is NOT a radical lefty and NOT a Democrat, never voted for a Clinton, and DOES have a job, is NOT a whore for anyone, and has the integrity to not hide behind multiple phony ID's.

Does this clown have any integrity? Are you ever honest David? Really…fess up…how many faces do you have?

Nice try, we aren't as dumb as you think we are!