Erstwhile Trib publisher Visci new Cal Poly veep

February 27, 2009
Former Trib boss Chip Visci take a top post at Cal Poly.

Former Trib boss Chip Visci take a top post at Cal Poly.


Former Tribune publisher Chip Visci becomes an early beneficiary of a passed state budget by bagging a job at Cal Poly as associate vice president for strategic communications.

Visci, 55, worked as a reporter and editor and Knight Ridder executive before he joined the local daily in 2004 and retired in September 2008. He remained in the county, telling friends at the time he wanted to get active in civic affairs.

Visci’s areas of responsibility will include oversight of government and community relations, and university communications. He is slated to begin visiting new associates immediately, sources said. A memo circulated to those associates informed them that “[Visci’s] expertise in strategic communications is particularly welcome, as we complete our strategic plan, prepare to update the University master plan, and lay the groundwork for a new, comprehensive campaign.”


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Member Opinions:

By: SteveMcGrath on 3/16/09

I truly believe that there is a place for real on-line journalism. There is also a huge place for print newspapers, but fear I will witness their demise. I also know that Chip Visci shares my passion for the printed word, for the value of a fourth estate, for rigorous journalism and its place in a free and democratic society. I know that he was pained by the realities of corporate newspaper ownership (witness Sam Zell and the tribulations of the LA Times, reminiscent of Charles Hurwitz and the takeover of Pacific Lumber in the 90s). I’m not a reporter, but I believe I share a trait with good reporters, that I try to know the subject of which I speak. Chip Visci is a good man, undeserving of the comments here. I am pleased to have just found this site, but I will no longer read the comments as the vitriol and anger seem so unnecessary, and unfounded in fact.

By: NorthCountyGuy on 3/7/09

Is the SLO Telegraph-Tribune not a useless, No-Guts newspaper? Isn't Cal-Poly SLO a fitting home for the useless parasites of a useless, No-Guts newspaper? The dole at Cal-Poly SLO is better then welfare!!!!

By: JorgeEstrada on 3/2/09

Hey Truthbeknown, I fell for your trapp and visited your web suggestions. I did learn something, the web host does a better job at your handle.

By: Joe on 3/2/09

"…next time students put up a noose and confederate flag, or commit involuntary fratslaughter, Cal Poly wants a seasoned hand to deflect the national disgrace"

National disgrace? FFS, You think anyone outside of this insulated hell hole gives a care?

By: sharibaby on 3/1/09

What exactly is an Associate Vice President of Strategic Communications? Associate (subordinate to the group), Vice (is there a President of Strategic Communication?) Strategic (is there an office of haphazard communications, shouldn't ALL communication be strategic?) and Communication (Public Relations?)

If I ask a plumber, carpenter, software engineer, maid, cop, clerk or bus driver what they do on a typical day, they can straight up tell you. Ask an Associate VP of anything and I bet it takes much more time and bullcrap.

By: rogerfreberg on 3/1/09

well, well, well… just what Cal Poly needs another Associate Vice President! What are there now 11? or is it 12?

In case anyone is keeping score, a whole lotta faculty bit the dust at Cal Poly since this budgetary sleigh ride began. Class size has more than doubled in some cases and weighting lists are a joke. Many students wonder when they will be able to graduate due to the restricted class offerings?

So, what does Warren Baker do in times of trouble, he 'mans up' and puts another layer between him and the rabble. Cal Poly doesn't need another 'yes man.'

So, what would I do if I were 'King' of Cal Poly? I'd walk through the hallowed halls of the administration and ask each Vice President or Provost ( and there are always more than we know), "why there their job is more important than a professor in the classroom?" Obviously, I'd replace that person with more faculty.

There is something inherently wrong with a system that hires someone at $120,000 with no real public relations experience to handle a job in 'strategic communications.' Experience in journalism isn't enough… it's a different animal entirely. It's also insulting to know that Warren hires another minion when the English department has to give up their copier.

Is this is a sign of the newer, kinder and gentler Cal Poly dedicated to educational values and workplace integrity? … to me, it smells the same.

We'll see where this goes.

By: CitizenCane on 2/28/09

Is it my imagination or is TruthbeKnown just another A Town Moron

By: mccdave on 2/28/09

$120,000 a year is a very reasonable rate for positive advertising in the Tribune. And next time students put up a noose and confederate flag, or commit involuntary fratslaughter, Cal Poly wants a seasoned hand to deflect the national disgrace.

Besides, the US News college rankings heavily weigh the quality of administration PR in their calculations.

By: jdchem on 2/28/09


It's Chip's facebook photo. The Trib probably owns the rights and Chip probably "stole" it from them while posting it on his facebook page.

By: sharibaby on 2/28/09

After running the Trib into the ground I'm sure Chip will bring those same communication skills to Cal Poly. Notice how he stayed away from the journalism department. Hey Dan and Karen, where did you get (steal) that picture of Chip?

By: jdchem on 2/28/09

Trib says he will make $120K per year.

By: MyThoughts on 2/28/09

Its rather ironic that as the publisher of the Tribune, Vesci's paper was anti union, anti police fire salaries and anti arbitration yet now he too he is a public employee.

I wonder if he so apt to support rolling back his salary and benefits.

The CSU Salary Schedule indicates the the President of a CSU campus rakes in 27,300.00 per month (not counting benefits such as medical, travel and housing allowances)

I don't know what a VP or A

an associate VP (Whatever that is?)makes.

Economically we are in tough times. Californians are looking at reg fees doubeling and 10% sales tax.

For gosh sake cut the FAT out of the CSU !

By: sharibaby on 2/28/09

I wonder how the success or failure of this position is measured? NOT. It is one of those made up jobs that will have no benchmarks. Good thing the university is so flush with cash that it can afford another empty suit. I read the job title and description and scratch my head. What does he actually do? Was this a vacant position? Did they post this job? Who was doing it before? No one. It would have been far more productive hiring 4 people to walk around campus picking up trash.

By: mccdave on 2/28/09

The TT and Cal Poly spell it "Visci," not "Vesci." As in veni, vidi, vici, or Pentagon Office of Public Diplomacy, etc. I predict favorable press for Cal Poly in the Tribune, ending the relentlessly critical coverage they've received there in the past.

But one wonders why Cal Poly needs Visci if they can already come up with euphemisms like "strategic communications," which seems to mean propaganda and lobbying.

By: JorgeEstrada on 2/27/09

For everyone like him on the payroll, equals to how many like my kids teacher, off the payroll? Just had to share the thought.