County counsel mulling answer, or waiting for Gibson, or something else

August 7, 2009

County counsel Warren Jensen promised to respond to allegations of misdeeds, including backdating contracts, lodged by a Los Osos home owner against Public Works Director Paavo Ogren and others back in April.

However, with the county embroiled in sex scandals, high level firings, and the investigation of two public works supervisors regarding the misuse of public funds, former Los Osos Community Sewer District Board President Lisa Schicker is still waiting for a response.

Nevertheless, Supervisor Bruce Gibson decided not to wait for counsel’s response and dubbed Schicker’s “allegations as unsubstantiated assertions and hearsay.”[The Rock]

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Member Opinions:

By: Clairvoy on 8/19/09

Schicker relies on hearsay to substantiate her claims regarding many of her poor decisions. As usual, she has little regard for the negative wide spreading impacts that her leadership seems to leave behind: Woods Humane Society and the LOCSD.

Remember the song: “…and some kind of help is the kind of help, we all can do without…”

Shicker is well known for making broad sweeping accusations without merit.

By: ActualTruth on 8/15/09

Silence also fuels community speculation.

Gibson did denounce the complaint, but that’s only one board member out of five who have been dismissive. The other four have remained silent and County Counsel never publicly went on the record to release a report or announce its dismissal.

By: wolfhound on 8/15/09

Silence is in fact an answer toLis shickler’s complaint.

An obligitory bow by Warren Jensen to SLO County officials caught like a deer in the headlights.

Silence comes across as evasive or ambiguous and amounts to a silent admission that the accusations put forth are true.

I guess silence is a good way to downplay and trivialize terrible situations or actions.

Is it not reasonable to expect a routine denial when a direct accusation against a person or entity is made to their faces, or to deny or correct the accusation if innocent of it?

However, I suppose that under some circumstances (like unlawfully backdating million dollar contacts) it might not be reasonable to expect a “routine” denial.

By: easymoney on 8/13/09

The process by which the BOS operates is suppoed to be transparent, yet the funny business continues.

There are many areas of their influence that”seem” to escape scrutiny. They are elected public servants, no more no less…

By: lucky2 on 8/13/09

This County and it’s BOS act as if they do not have to answer to us, nor do they feel the need to follow rules or laws. There are many serious issues in this County and the current BOS cannot and will not handle them. Real men and women would admit and ask for help- This county bobs,weaves and lies. Bruce Gibson needs to go- The people need to bombars the State with complaints. Can someone post #’s and emails. How about a website “Please help fix corrup SLO” I would like to start with Bruce Gibson then Art Trinidade then Marie Cowan Code Enf.

By: Paso_Guy on 8/10/09

Could it be that the “booty juice” is something that is cooked up in a lab?

Would explain a lot.

By: hotdog on 8/9/09

I see Booty got removed. I agree, his latest post was dysfunctional and I found it hard to figure what his point was. The colorful language is one thing, making no sense is another.

By: ActualTruth on 8/9/09

Even Booty_Juice needs adult supervision with offensive posts that sound like they were written by bipolar 2nd Grader.

By: rogerfreberg on 8/8/09

In any event… this has hit a real nerve with someone …and someone very much doesn’t want it to go any farther.


well… funny, I haven’t been to a shout down town meeting or a tea party. I wonder if ‘katmello’ would sign their name?

By: ActualTruth on 8/8/09

@itneverends: No, the board never denounced the complaint at their meetings.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/8/09

This group (both sides)deserve each other. I can’t find anything redeamable about either. You have the County Gov. on one side that has FD-Up everything lately and the Los Osos sewer group on the other that has FD-Up everything in the past. Great marriage here.

By: Use_it_or_Lose_it on 8/8/09

END- I thought a responsive and respectful government run well WAS the issue. If that is not the issue, educate us.

By: itneverends on 8/8/09

There are some in Los Osos who will do anything to stop the progress of the County Sewer project. As the project winds its way through the bureaucratic system and gets closer to fruition, the opponents are using various tactics, including attempting to discredit the project director, to derail it.

Supervisor Gibson and County Counsel Warren Jensen have both stated in public Board meetings that these allegations of the sewer opponents have been reviewed and are unfounded. The documentation will come, as time allows. I’m good with that. Lets focus on real issues.

By: Use_it_or_Lose_it on 8/8/09

All- regardless what anyone thinks about anyone. Regardless of anyone’s prior misdeeds suspected or confirmed, Ms. Schicker is still a citizen and 4 months wait for a clerical assistant to pull up the documents? Does anyone know the time limits on this? Does the county have an obligation to respond in a timely manner? If so, what is considered timely? If every single county employee said they could not do their job because they are stressed or have “too much” on their plate I say get your head out of the computer games and blogs, quit the late arrivals, long breaks, and early departures, quit the gossiping, quit the flirting and sex on our dime and GET TO WORK or resign. It’s out of hand and the rest of us county workers or not would be wise to demand no less.

By: Afriendindeed on 8/8/09

I do find it amusing and ironic that the Banner Ad at the top of this page is “How to Smell a Rat” and we’re talking about Bruce Gibson and Lisa Schicker.

Take your choice!

By: Cindy on 8/7/09

My goodness, people sure are defensive aren’t they. Hey if you can’t come up with an honest answer then start name calling. What gives Gibson? Answer the lady.

By: ActualTruth on 8/7/09

I have been a long-time subscriber of the print version of The Rock and I do not find their commentary to be ramblings at all. What I find interesting is that people are often quick to dismiss the information presented, opting instead to call the publishers names without ever explaining their reasoning.

Bruce Gibson is a very angry man and his board clearly wraps around his mood swings and his ethical, legal missteps.

By: katmello on 8/7/09

I think simply stirring up populist resentment against government is too easy and not true journalism. That’s why linking to a sewer nut is disappointing. I fear that Karen thinks everyone everywhere in every part of government is corrupt and that she’ll be joining ole Rog and his wife at a tea party or one of those shout-down town hall meetings. Beware of the flattery of fools, Karen. Especially of ideologues. When is Ramos going to weigh in? Maybe he can be the site’s ombudsman.

By: rogerfreberg on 8/7/09

Well, Karen, you hit a nerve here! Funny, you must be getting too close to something…

I am always amazed at how calling folks names replaces logic? Their ‘rantings’ are meant to intimidate… which is why they never sign their names.

Keep it up, Karen … you are getting close.


By: Newsome on 8/7/09

CCN: I appreciate knowing where our officials lie to us, and I appreciate you calling them on it. But, man, I have got sewer fatigue big time on those Ososans.

The community collectively and individually made that cess pit, and I count my blessings that most days I am upwind.

Cover the story if you need to, but many of us don’t care to understand who crapped on who in that debacle.

By: katmello on 8/7/09

Now you are linking to the hysterical rantings of sewer nuts? Say it ain’t so, Karen. The Ochs duo are toxic idiots, and Schicker is a shameful liar who helped bankrupt the csd and now has the nerve to slander others. If you jump in the sewer with these folks, Karen, you will end up as stinky as them or as dumb as former county supervisor wannabe/current right wing commentator wannabe rogerfreberg. Stay with what you’ve been doing or let Ramos have some say in this.

By: rogerfreberg on 8/7/09

Why doesn’t Bruce just hold his breath… or say that the accusations are just ‘wrong, wrong, wrong!”… it would be as clear as what he did or actually didn’t say. This is the kind of logic that we are used to hearing from the county, but don’t deserve.

We all deserve a full explanation… even if they turn out to be baseless… but what is now-a-days?