Banker accused of stealing from children

November 22, 2009

heritageA 40-year-old Heritage Oaks Bank employee admitted to stealing $24,400 from a youth soccer account and transferring the funds to a personal account. [Tribune]

The youth soccer group treasurer and bank employee, Douglas Smith, admitted the theft in an e-mail to Christopher Cline, the sport’s group chairman, on Oct. 6 and promised to repay the funds within 25 days. Smith failed to return the youth group’s monies  and was suspended as the group’s treasurer. He has also been fired by Heritage Oaks Bank.

Paso Robles police are waiting for the county District Attorney’s Office to determine whether or not Smith should be arrested.

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“District Attorney’s Office to determine whether or not Smith should, be arrested.”?????Sounds like a Gearhart/does 1-100, deal once again. Could take years?????? Once again????? Or would he just happened to be Heritage Oaks Bank’s (fall guy,) they have been accused of far greater criminal activities, is this, merely to draw attention from the Gearhart/Hurst, Fraud? Wait and see? From one buzzard too the next? Oh, and since I’m on the subject and this is right off the grill, what did Hurst do with all the reverse mortgage monies it, had collected before becoming defunct. Anybody know ? This is all tied together! Follow the money! Remember, Paul Deline of Heritage Oaks Bank has, “plenty of sympathy for Hurst Investors”. Cheseburger, feels they should trim the fat, starting with him and help string up the real criminals, what’s up does 1-100?