Jay Miller on borrowed time

November 27, 2009
Jay and Laurel Miller's former Templeton home

Jay and Laurel Miller's former Templeton home

Federal prosecutors prompted a federal grand jury to look into the alleged criminal acts of Hurst financial principal Jay Miller. [Tribune]

Miller is one of the subjects of a two-year racketeering, money laundering and wire fraud investigation that includes former North County developer Kelly Gearhart. The investigation is complicated, not because of the alleged Ponzi scheme, or falsified title documents or non-existent inspection reports, but because there are so many people involved in the alleged criminal acts.

In June 2008, at a time Hurst Financial Inc. was in serious financial distress, James and Laurel Miller entered into a postnuptial agreement that granted Laurel Miller half interest in their home. The couple married on Dec. 24, 1996.

In May, Superior Court of San Luis Obispo County Judge Roger T. Picquet agreed that Laurel Miller was entitled to half the $690,000 in proceeds from the sale of their Templeton home. The other half of the monies, in Jay Miller’s name, were either frozen or seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Last month, a federal bankruptcy trustee filed a lawsuit against Laurel Miller alleging she helped defraud her husband’s creditors by illegally transferring the home into her name.

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Cheseburger endorses these great words by BTDT.”To all the local crooks who say that they would have been charged by now, so the claims are merit less, the clock is ticking, the Calvary is coming and your day in court is near.,” the whole post is a work of art,I’d like to hear more about the log cabins. The Chese road giant real waves today, with his mask on! After the waves for a little while I felt like, I can do this, so starving doesn’t matter! Then the adrenalin rush wore off, and I love to see heads roll down the dam stairs again, maybe I can get SSI, I just keep seeing these well known faces rolling down the white house stairs, while trying to sleep every night!. I’m trying not to write the names again it’s wearing my keyboard out in certain places. Peace, Merry Xmas to all!

Yes I am using a veiled reference in naming names (try to watch the defamation of charactor when not sure of involvement) of certain people that live in log homes. If you know the local developers there is only one big guy that lives in a large log home in Atas. ;-)

I will use Kelly and Jays names as I am more than comfortable of their crooked status.

Thanks BTDT, one big guy? I live by the beach and have little left to loose, I am what lawyers call a non-cumulative defendant, and they screwed me so bad, I doubt a jury would convict me, but you are probably right, some dam dog catcher lawyer would pic it right up, good thing I’ve homesteaded my house! Yuk, YUK, Smuck GRogger, wouldn’t be him would it? Though not maybe he just shows em the ropes!

Hey Jay. Do you hear the footsteps of justice behind you? You should!!

WOW! More people involved. Hmm. Number one we know of a girlfriend of brother who was player at Cuesta Title. Two, we know of a certain money man’s daughter. Three a crooked developer.

Other players?? Could it be a certain lawyer that gets talked about a lot? Other developers from Atas. that invested with Jay and live in Log houses?

Relatives that had LLC’s with developers fee’s in them that makes you wonder if they knew?

Maybe certain developers wife that did books and would have to have been privey to the goings on?

Man o man. While this is completely sad, you couldn’t write a soap opera like this. People would think it was made up.

Net result. A lot of people sold their morals and values down the river for a quick buck.

P.S. and to all the developers stop blaming the economy. If you were paying attention to the economy instead of counting your money, you wouldn’t have been in this spot. I still see a few HONEST developers doing business.

Heard on news couple weeks ago F.B.I. is investgating well over a thousand of these kinds of cases nation wide!!! Many of them go into BILLIONS. They are working from the top (big money) down.

To all the local crooks who say that they would have been charged by now, so the claims are merit less, the clock is ticking, the calverary is coming and your day in court is near.