Lost couple discovered in San Luis Obispo County

November 28, 2009

Good Samaritans find a missing Acton, California couple in San Luis Obispo County. [KCAL]

On their way to Paradise, California, Edison Cook, 81, and his wife Isabel Cook, 73, took a wrong turn and ended up lost, separated, dehydrated and disoriented. Because of the couple’s current condition, details of their misadventures are sketchy.

On Thanksgiving evening, the exhausted couple found themselves lost on a dark road and decided to sleep in their car. Before her husband awoke, Isabel had left the car in search of a restroom.

During Edison Cook’s search for his wife, their four-door Acura became stuck in a ditch on the side of Highway 58 in Santa Margarita.

On Friday around 10:00 a.m., a passer-by found Edison Cook on the side of the road and drove the confused man to the Santa Margarita Fire Department. A second passer-by  found Isabel Cook on the side of the road thirty miles from where her husband was discovered.

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‘s vengeance suggestion has been removed by the moderator

Cindy I’m still young and this type of thing happens to us all, thank god they are alright my mistake on the driving around looking for her, I need to put a chip in my dad be for he runs off he’s 81, and Mu,Mu<Miller, just to him for $500,000, I wish he had just got lost in the car.

Sorry it slipped out but was relevant your honor!

cheseburger, I don’t think Isabel hiked 30 miles, the poor little thing. She got out of the car to find a restroom and Edison must have sensed that she was missing and woke up. He couldn’t find her in the immediate area so he took off driving around trying to find her. His car ended up stuck in a ditch 30 miles later! They were obviously confused, that happens to old people, that is the sort of thing that could easily have happened to my own parents.

This is unbelievable,,”A second passer-by found Isabel Cook on the side of the road thirty miles from where her husband was discovered.” I couldn’t make thirty miles in a day. Who gave her a ride/are those calculations accurate,hell this county needs another good marathon runner.

Thank god those people stopped, and I wonder how many drove by, 30 miles is a long ways and 10:00 am is a long time. Cindy the Cooks are so lucky it wasn’t August, they could of been toast with no water. More Kudos to the people who stopped and saved them!

When it comes to lots of genuine “good people”, you can’t beat SLO county. We have a lot of varied political passions but I can’t deny that 95% of the folks are “good people” and good neighbors. It’s a great place to live and overall a safe place. Too bad we have the Good Ole Boys to contend with, if it wasn’t for all the fraud that was perpetrated upon so many “good people” it would be the best place to live. The upside is that the “ugly fat” rose to the top of the pot where we can identify that unhealthy excess and skim it off. Kudo’s to the residents that took the time to help the Cook’s out, I know their compassion just came natural, it’s what most people in this county would do.