SLO man beaten and kicked by strangers

December 13, 2009
Jeffrey Berrett

Jeffrey Berrett

Philip Hauser, a 26 year old San Luis Obispo man, was walking along the railroad tracks near the intersection of Phillips and Pepper Street Sunday at 5 a.m. when he encountered a pair of transients from Arizona.

Hauser engaged in conversation with Jeffery Berrett, 25, and Meghan Gross, 23, before the pair began an unprovoked attack. They began beating and kicking Hauser while their black mid-sized dog repeatedly bit him. After they finished assaulting Hauser, Berrett and Gross went though his pockets, taking his wallet and cell phone.

With his nose broken and cuts, bruises and bites over his entire body, Hauser crawled up a hill and summoned help. Police discovered Berrett and Gross, coated in a “large quantity of blood,” nearby the alleged assault.

According to police, there is no evidence the alleged attackers were under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“It was random and unprovoked,” said San Luis Obispo police Sgt. Kurt Hixenbaugh, commenting on the third alleged random act of violence in less than three months in San Luis Obispo.

While Berrett has admitted to the assault and robbery, Gross has not. Both were charged with assault and robbery and booked into county jail with bail set at $30,000.

Hauser was treated at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and released approximately seven hours later.

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Sorry to spoil the fun, but I suppose it doesn’t matter to anyone that the above assault account is primarily one-sided?

Okay this is going to shock some,”While Berrett has admitted to the assault and robbery,” these guy’s need the jaws of a white shark chomping them, but maybe there is a little more to the story,”engaged in conversation” I wonder about the night and the conversation, I do not condone these transients behavior’s in anyway, but I wish I had more info, like what the hell was he doing talking to strangers on the tracks at five in the mourning, not that that is against the law, but it’s not the smartest move either, sometimes when a fight happens the looser goes to the hospital and the winner goes to jail. Maybe these freaking transients were just so hungry they wanted a place to stay and a meal at the Kansas Ave.Inn. Give the dog a Phyic Eval, if he’s tame spare him, but make these thugs work on the tracks for ten years or so, unlike the EFI, and Hurst Financial crooks, the chese would let them keep both hands to work with! Get to the bottom of exactly what happened, and sentence them accordingly, they will probably get more time than Guth and Yudda, because the one came clean and admitted the crime, plea bargains suck.

Bluebird states – “The dog is probably as dangerous as they are.” I have to disagree and would never make this assumption without a professional evaluation of the dog (MAX’s) temperament. Dogs are known to love, trust and protect their owners. They don’t know if their owner is a good guy or a bad guy. Max saw a violent confrontation and I’m certain that the victim was attempting to protect himself. The dog’s nature was to protect his owner and not necessarily to attack a good guy. Many people own dogs for protection and it’s a known fact that a fog will die for the love of his master. Max might be a wonderful pet in the right hands. Don’t damn Max, not yet.

The friggin’ dog is the least of anybody’s problems. Or at least it should be.

Third act of random violence in three months. Wow and they pay the cops in SLO over a hundred grand a year? Guess even if you paid them a million it wouldn’t change? So why do we pay cops soooo much?? Cops are reactive not proactive, meaning call them after a crime to write a report and arrest. So how much is that service worth and in these case does paying more even make a difference???

The SLO police did what they could do. Random acts of violence are out of their control. If the attackers were not using drugs or alcohol that is even more frightening because they sound like sadistic sociopaths. The dog is probably as dangerous as they are. I’m a bleeding heart liberal but there are some people who need to be locked up for ever.

Blue, thank you for making my point.

Random acts of violence are out of their control.

Correct, as is most crime. They show up afterwards. So again WHY are we paying them soooo much??

Been There Done That…you are paying them to save your life when that random schizophrenic desides to stop at your house and tries to kill you and your family. While you are on the phone with 911, crying like a bit*h, pissing yourself, hoping you will live to see another day, the boys in blue will be there in probably withing 2 minutes to save your ungateful ass. That’s why.

Well now that you are done with your little temper tantrum, I would venture to guess you or a relative is in law enforcement??

Second if the guy is a schizophrenic who says I wouldn’t be dead before the cops get here?

Never said wasn’t gratful, said pay is too much. There are MANY who would probably do for same or lessor pay. Just lower it and see. People are beating down the door to get Govt. jobs in an area like this. You don’t have to pay exhorbinate wages to get them here. Hell they have plenty of cops in big cities making less then this. Point proven.

Last as for pissing my pants I have been at the opposite end of a gun in Atascadero about twenty years ago and actually kept my cool. No cops and settle it myself. How about you hero???

Your guess is wrong…..I am a mother of two and work part-time in an office and have no relatives in law enforcement.

The pay isn’t too much. As for the “plenty of cops in big cities makeing less than this”….it’s less expensive to live in those bigger cities. Point proven.

As far as for you being on the other end of a gun, good for you. I would not wait for the cops to blow an intruders head off either.