Meet the “Million dollar tortoises”

December 29, 2009

A northern California energy company will pay $25 million to relocate 25 threatened desert tortoises who live on the site of a proposed massive  solar power plant in rural San Bernadino County.

The move by Oakland-based BrightSource Energy, as reported in the San Bernadino Sun, underscores the often high cost of environmental laws when building in California. BrightSource plans to use 4,000 acres of desert land for its power plant, located about five miles southwest of Primm, Nev.

However, to meet all environmental regulations, BrightSource must pay to acquire, clean and protect about 12,000 acres of additional land.

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A million bucks per turtle? And you wonder why California’s economy is in the tank. Don’t worry, though. They’ll pass the cost on to us consumers.

The do gooders are costing you and me thousands of dollars over our lifetimes to promote their special interest,when will the insanity stop?

Which special interest are you referring to? Granted, Big Tortoise wields tremendous power in Sacramento.

Gosh, when humanity can’t squash entire species to power its Xboxes and half-assed websites, what’s the world coming to?