State population growth slows

December 17, 2009

imagesPeople still might be migrating West, but not necessarily to the Golden State. California’s population grew less than 1 percent in 2008, the slowest growth rate in more than a decade. The minimal growth barely kept up with the number of people actually leaving the state, according to Department of Finance data reported in the Los Angeles Times.

Overall, California’s population grew to 38,487,889, with 141,865 people leaving the state and 179,493 arriving. Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and Santa Clara counties posted the highest population gains.

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I’m surprised that CA. is not shrinking with the clowns we have running this state. I would think anybody with money and brains would be gone by now.

How does median income gybe with this figure? My guess is that the money owners are making an exodus, and the services-users are replacing them. I have no data to support this guess. Anyone?