“A few sexual encounters” with Ed Arnold

January 5, 2010

An Arroyo Grande woman allegedly assaulted by city councilman Ed Arnold in December said Kathryn Arnold, the councilman’s wife, is currently having a love affair with her.  [KSBY]

A second restraining order that recently surfaced was filed against Arnold in San Luis Obispo Superior Court on Christmas Eve by the alleged victim in the domestic violence case that resulted in Arnold’s arrest last month.

In the court documents, the alleged victim–whose name is not being released–said that Kathryn Arnold is her girlfriend. She claims that she lived with the Arnold family from July to November 2009 and engaged in “a few sexual encounters” with Ed Arnold.

In response, Ed Arnold has stated only that he will refute the allegations in court and that his wife and the alleged victim are now living together.

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This is a sad story for these women and the kids. There is no way I condone beating a woman or anybody else. Particularly upsetting is this is the 2nd marriage this victim has broken up.

Sure-maybe the marriage was on the rocks. However-the victim moved in the house (and marriage) when they were still married. She did the same when breaking up the last family. Will she do it again?

Please excuse my prurient interest, but the victim has a *history* of involvement in weirdness like this? Do tell.

Is it just me, or is a goatee becoming a reliable marker of antisocial behavior?