Court blocks taping of Prop 8 trial

January 11, 2010

The Supreme Court is temporarily blocking plans to broadcast a trial involving California’s same-sex marriage ban. [San Francisco Chronicle]

The federal trial in San Francisco, scheduled to begin Monday, originally planned to air the proceedings on a delayed basis via YouTube.

The Supreme Court justices decided that the temporary ban would last at least through Wednesday. Opponents of the taping argued that witnesses might be intimidated by the camera.

Historically, the Supreme Court has been opposed to the idea of cameras in the courtroom.

UPDATE: Judge Vaughn Walker, presiding judge in the trial, announced the tally on public comments concerning the televising of the trial: 138,542 in favor, 32 opposed.

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Thank goodness for the parsimonious Roberts court! Hate to have to subject my delicate ears to a feisty debate over an issue that never should have been injected into the political arena in the first place. ANY couple that wants to marry should be able to, and if society has granted privileges to married couples, then those privileges should extend to ALL married couples.