Fire Safety for the Holidays

January 3, 2010

Christmas Tree Fire – Multi Camera Angles

[youtube cZK_GKLG5Z4 425 344]

In this video a NIST test room is set up to simulate a dry Christmas tree fire and how a such fire would behave and spread to the rest of the home.

For everyone who has a real Christmas tree this year it’s the new year, get that old tree out of the house.  Most people have no idea how fast a fire can travel in the right conditions.  Can you be out of the house in 1:32? .

Don’t let this happen to you, water properly, remove combustible material. For more information on the science of burning Christmas trees go to BFRL:Fire on the Web.   Also Cal Fire and Cal Fire Slo.

Comparison Wet and Dry Christmas Trees

[youtube jHemXImlmmw 425 344]

Christmas Tree Fire - Multi Camera Angles