Poly Goats Open House 09

January 11, 2010

Poly Goats Open House 2009 Teaser from Eric A on Vimeo.

Not all of the local off-roading is on the Oceano Dunes (In there own words) Road trips can be had if you know who to talk to.  Eric A found permission to put up this up,  a recap/teaser video for Open House for the Poly Goats 4-wheeler club at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. (Warning Music Volume 5:23)

This conversation is missing your voice. Take five seconds……

Poly Goats

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Not sure why this video is on this site.

The problem with the off-road hobby is people focus on the few who act in a childish manner and enjoy awful “music”. This is America and they have a right to be who they are. They are the Glen Becks of mechanical entertainment.

Off-road gave America the Jeep and helped win WW2. Off-road is used as R and D by companies like Subaru which are then driven by “earth loving” yuppies.

Anti-OHV folks can only argue their position by being hypocrites. They drive on roads and live in houses that were once fields, some live on ancient sand dunes. They take their vehicles developed by years of racing across Africa, through the forests of Europe and many race tracks of the world to Trader Joes and Foods for the Rich. Some in acts of biblical hypocrisy use this technology to drive to an airport sail halfway round the world on a cruiseliner just to see a pristine iceberg before it melts. Others use the technology povide by the cro-magnum gear heads to hook a huge tralers to their gas guzzerling trucks from a drive out to other “untouched” places to ride their ten gallon of water drinking- don’t get me started on the cost to the earth on feeding them- big pets, horses.

Some people like mechanical things and heavy metal music. Some would like to listen to opera on the Oasis of the Seas to go see penguins. It is not for us to judge, just to stop being hypocrities and enjoy and except diversity.