Poll: Californians believe state headed in wrong direction

January 28, 2010

The majority of California adults now believe the state is heading in the wrong direction, according to a poll released Wednesday by the Public Policy Institute of California. [Associated Press]

Poll results find that 74 percent believe things in California are getting worse, compared to 19 percent who believe things are fine.

Also, two in three Californians believe that the governor and the Legislature will not be able to cooperate this year, as Sacramento wrestles with a $20 billion shortfall.

The negative perception is particularly high among Republicans at 72 percent.

In terms of fixing the budget mess, 41 percent favor a mix of spending cuts and higher taxes. The top spending priority remains education K-12, with a majority indicating they are willing to pay more to stabilize public education.



  1. standup says:

    Start with disbanding the unions and let the market drive pay and benefits. The prison system has tons of waste, the Air Pollution Control Board is a waste to much extent. Kill the prevailing wage crap and let the market drive pay for projects. Our tax dollars are completely wasted on paying these rates. It raises the cost of a job by 35% at times.

  2. bslo says:

    Vote out every tax and spend pol in the place and we may have a chance. Both parties. Elect people who are willing to cut spending, encourage business and reign in the radical environmentalists. Californian’s complain about how Sacramento is broken, but they keep electing the same type of people year after year. Duuhh.

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