Schwarzenegger: Build prisons in Mexico

January 26, 2010

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is floating a new idea to deal with overcrowded California prisons. The governor wants to build private facilities in Mexico to hold the estimated 20,000 undocumented immigrants currently in state prisons. [Ventura County Star]

Under Schwarzenegger’s plan, California would pay for the construction of private prisons, built and operated at half the cost of what it would require in California. The state currently spends about about $800 million a year to house undocumented immigrants.

In a speech delivered to the Sacramento Press Club, Schwarzenegger claimed the Mexico prison plan could save California $1 billion annually.

Meanwhile, prison overcrowding prompted the early release of 71 inmates from Santa Barbara County Jail Monday. More are expected to be released at the end of the month to comply with new strict guidelines to prevent overcrowding. No violent felons were released. [KSBY]

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This is new, all the bridges just got washed out, might give us more work, ah, we can’t work in Mexico, brilliant plan, brilliant. I think his plan could be serving the Mexican people more then the American people. Maybe he just wants to beef up the border and drop them off there.

What a wonderful idea… how ’bout ol fat boy DuVaul opening a resort down there… he could even make more money…. isn’t that what it’s all about?

What’s going on at his money maker anyway?

Still the same low and disgusting Roger I see.

Thomas Paine you got that right!!! Don’t let the troll get to you, we all remember.

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I wonder what kind of rights a foreign citizen has in a foreign jail run by California.

Do we get to torture them, or hold them without trial? Cause that would really stick it to em for trying to get into America. I can’t help but be reminded of Naomi Wolf’s “The End of America” and her theory that all fascist takeovers start with secret (here meaning above the law) prisons used to house scary brown people. If this goes down, it won’t be long before legal immigrants jailed below the border, then journalists, and dissidents, and rabble rousers, etc.

This is what I’m talking about, from the previous article,”59 percent of Californians believe the state will be in worse shape once the governor leaves office.” and only 7% feel he did anything good,go smoke another fat one, “cigar” Arnold.

Excellent idea and excellent timing to float the idea.

Let’s get this party started, you write,”Excellent idea” maybe but not original, remember Siberia,exiled to the frozen end of the country, it’s not even safe to go to Mexico on vacation, you can’t just build prisons there and expect to be able to control the population in the prison when yon don’t even have a say in what the population of that country can/cannot do! Then the government of that corrupt country gets to make the call on who escapes and who stays for life, dumb and dumber, kind of like the room to smoke cigars in,in Sacramento. What has this meathead politician done for this state but make it worse. You only elected him because he had good directors in the movies, he never wrote a script, follow his plans and we may be in those camps in Mexico speaking another language, and I don’t mean Spanish.

Racket writes,”excellent timing to float the idea.” sounds like Mr. Burns on the Simpsons, the only reason the timing is right is 70% of this country would buy anything, on the shelve, because their cupboards are bare.

Maybe “excellent” was too strong a descriptor for the idea. Perhaps it is merely a “really good” idea.

In addition to saving money, it will put the guards’ union in a pickle, and I support that idea.

Additionally, I surmise that life in a US prison is so far superior to starving to death in rural Coahuila that the walls and barbwire are going to serve a dual purpose — keeping the baddies in, and keeping the impoverished out.

Finally, I have no doubt that the Mexicans can run a prison as well as they run the factories we have sourced to them. No problemo.

Racket we are probably both on the same side I have just gotten in a little trouble in Mex. about 48 years ago, we bought our way out, which is what anybody can do, in a Mexican prison to this day, please put Gearhart and Miller in there and poke them with a stick, then I’ll come and offer to spring them for all the ripped off investors cash. Then I’ll buy the guards a hooker, get them drunk and feed Gearhart and Miller to the now hungry investors, smuggling them back across as chorizo, and pig jowls, see I’m not so bad after all.