UCLA study: Legalizing undocumented immigrants helps the economy

January 7, 2010

A new study out of UCLA suggests that comprehensive immigration reform would add an estimated $1.5 trillion to the U.S. gross domestic product over the next ten years. [Los Angeles Times]

The report, authored by UCLA associate professor Raul Hinojosa–Ojeda, claims immigration reform would create jobs, increase wages, and generate more tax revenue.

Released on Thursday, the study is based in part on surveys done after 1986 legislation which legalized nearly 3 million undocumented workers. Those workers moved on to better-paying jobs and became more educated, resulting in increased tax revenue and spending.

Hinojosa-Ojeda also believes that the U.S. economy would benefit from a temporary worker program by rasing the GDP by $792 billion. The UCLA study is being released as the Obama administration renews its commitment to support legislation that would ultimately grant citizenship to 12 million illegal immigrants currently in this country.

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The Pew Hispanic Trust estimates the US loses $1000 per month per illegal household. The state of Mexico and Central America is the future of the US.

Now they are going to urge another travesty of COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM OR “AMNESTY.” on the overtaxed American people. It almost defies any rational logic for these morons introducing immigration reform, when 15 million Americans are out scouting for a job. Due to neglect of decades of pandering politicians to non-enforcement of our undermanned, poorly constructed border fence or the 1986 immigration law. It is my decision to pas it along to all readers, otherwise it may not get the necessary publicity to show the disintegration of a society, culture and even our language. Its almost incomprehensible that University professors would abet and condone illegal immigration with designing GPS systems, making it easier for illegal immigrants to steal American jobs. But then the majority that are teaching the Students are Liberal-Marxist, left wingers.

These people must live in a bubble that think illegal immigrants do not have an impact on American citizens.

You have watched an economy tank, with outlandish reasoning, but no one is talking about the facts:

The main serious issue is irreversible Overpopulation:

It is imperative that we realize that if we keep on allowing the importation of foreign nationals on the scale that is happening today. The consequences as stated by the [United States Population Projections: 2000 to 2050 by Jennifer M. Ortman and Christine E. Guarneri of the Census Bureau]“… a greater number of migrants arriving in the United States will correspond to a larger increase in the size of the total population. Under the assumption of a high level of net international migration, the population is expected to grow to 458 million by 2050. … “ The the late U.S. Senator Teddy Kennedy, the United States added 100 million to its population via immigration. Before that time, we enjoyed 194 million in 1963. Today, we slog forward with 309 million on our way to 438 million in four decades, said Frosty Wooldridge, an acknowledged columnist. Poverty and hunger is rampant now in America, with shortages of drinking water and electricity outages are our dismal future, if we don’t halt illegal immigration. For the record thousands of Vietnam warriors are homeless, veterans of other wars , fatherless Mothers with children and Senior citizens on low income, worrying about sharing their pitiful pensions with Bush’s Social Security funds, that are on-hold for totalization with the corrupt government South of the border.

1. Emergency room closures

a) There was once a superb safety net for emergency healthcare to indigent Americans, that has dried up in many communities, because the hospitals could not afford to service them any longer, some would have us believe that illegal immigration had nothing to do with it, when hundreds and thousands of undocumented residents flooded the doors, and in many cases as a source of primary care.

b) American born women under the age of 50 are no longer offered mammograms because of the cost, even though it is factual that more women under the age of 50 are being detected with suspicious findings, but rather then taking illegal residents off the rolls of CDP and other grants to detection, they cut off Americans.

2. Welfare

The vast majority of illegal parents to citizen children, flock to another safety net dedicated to protecting Americans from physical and financial detriment, where billions of dollars flow in, and do not circulate in the US because many of the dollars are shipped to their native countries to support the poor people there. Huge numbers of illegal immigrants file tax returns using phony Social Security numbers to cash in on the federal Earned Income Tax Credit, thanks to lax government management said Ed Rubenstein, a financial analyst and economist. “As a result, illegal aliens actually receive the EITC at even greater rates than legal immigrants,. The IRS makes little or no effort to verify the authenticity of Social Security numbers, or existence of Dependant children. This makes it possible for illegal immigrants to claim children still living in Mexico as dependents and for parents living illegally in the U.S. to file separate returns claiming the same children as dependents under the EITC. The EITC was created to boost work incentives for poor families with children. Childless households received a maximum $438 payment in 2008, while the maximum available to families with two or more children was $4,824. From a distance, the EITC looks like a winner,” he said. “The devil is in the details. For starters, the program is dominated by fraud. Illegal immigrant households are more than three times as likely to receive EITC than native-born American households.” Rubenstein said

3. Education

American children that should be preparing for the global competitive market, are being held back educationally because primary education is now catering to bring children that are further behind up to speed. Class room overcrowding, results in the hiring of under staffed, under qualified teachers to manage a baby sitting sector rather than educating.

4. Housing

The media did not cover the facts that thousands of illegal immigrants owned homes that went into the red, and they were allowed to simply walk away, while Americans in the same situation had to undergo financial ruin, bankruptcy, and other unfortunate situation. Non profits and other organizations like NACA helped these people get in the door, and tax payers are footing the bill.

5. Infrastructure

With any degree of logic, any individual will understand, if you design a freeway, bridge, building, house, etc. designed to support a certain number of people, will accelerates structure corrosion, if you add more abundantly. Place your attention on the History International TV cable channel. Starting this week , they are showing “THE CRUMBLING OF AMERICA” .Our country is 12 trillion dollars in debt, because we support the rest of the world. Our nation is progressively turning into a third world ghetto and no longer a creditor nation.

6. Traffic

What used to take Americans a few minutes to get to and from work, has been doubled if not tripled which takes quality time from families, drives up cost of oil, and gasoline, because of the buy and demand nature of business, adds more pollution to the air, and reduces spending in local shops because of the time lost.

7. Crime

The cost of housing convicted non citizens would have paid for the border fence twice, added more border personnel on the northern and southern borders to boot. which would be an added protection considering America is a marked nation.

ID theft, is the number one violation, because it defrauds the federal government when non existent socials are in play, and drastically affects the quality of life for Americans that are victimized, because there is no legislation to protect American citizens from the consequences of the governments failure to protect them from collection agencies, dept collectors, credit card companies that did not have secure networks, and the social security administration that did not flag socials used twice or more times for employment, which pays more on the back end. Even I was–NOT –Immune to ID theft, as somebody in Dallas Texas was using my Social at a some kind of private investigative office. I contacted the SSA passing on these details, so they could clear up this mess.

8. Assimilation

Many illegal immigrants have no desire to assimilate with American culture, I mean look at Mr. Gutierrez, who fights harder for the rights non citizens then he does for his native constituents. Many fly non American flags, which is a basic slap in the face to Americans that would support reform otherwise.

9. English

Our elected officials have turned a deaf ear to Americans that are blatantly being discriminated against when companies policy hiring bilingual only employees, there are only too populations of citizens in America that are allowed this unfortunate bias, ex-cons, and non dual language speaking Americans.

10. Wages

How many reports do you need, before you realize many unscrupulous employers are using the illegal alien situation to drive down wages and benefits? How many small contractors have been undercut in bids for jobs, only to find that their competitor is using foreign labor?

To every elected officials that puts a greater onus on protecting the non legal rights of non citizens above the legal rights of Americans are in the wrong business, and should consider in the ethical reasoning of national security, populous representation, simply because it was the populous that sent you to office to represent their best interest, to step down, seek office in your hearts respective country, and allow individuals with the same passion you have for your people, to represent Americans with the same tenacity.

Thank you Mario for this fact sheet, along with my contributions. Tell everybody you know who condemns any possibility of forcing on the American people another AMNESTY, to call their ignorant lawmaker. The Capitol Switchboard’s telephone number is 202-224-3121. REMEMBER TO SEND IN YOUR 28Cent POSTCARDS NOW! WE MUST DEFEAT THIS IMMIGRATION REFORM PACKAGE. Those who believe in America’s survival, without OVERPOPULATION as stated by the US Census bureau better read facts at NUMBERSUSA not the lies spawned by open border entities. Those who want details of corruption in WASHINGTON and state government go to JUDICIAL WATCH. Overpopulation, traffic chaos, infrastructure erosion should go to CAPSWEB.

Brittanicus is astroturfing the web, the above comment is posted on @least 125,000 other websites

Cue baseless anti-immigrant blind rage. Economic studies of illegal immigration show that in the aggregate it’s a wash or better, so you’d have to assume that bringing immigrants onto the tax rolls and out of the shadow economy (where they’re easy to underpay and exploit) would be positive. This could also ameliorate problems posed by the U.S.’s aging population, namely fewer workers supporting more retired folks — a problem that’s worse in other countries precisely because of less immigration and a lower birth rate.

The border needs to be secure, but we need to be pragmatic about the whole issue.

what a crock of dung,they keep shoveling this crap at us year after year,decade after decade and OUR standard of living continues to decline while our cost of living escalates.

Immediately implement the above comment ,(child born by foreigner not a USA citizen) make it illegal to hire or rent housing to a non legal person ,cut all government services,school,medical etc.

There is a big difference between a “temporary worker program” and granting citizenship.

Additionally, any such temporary worker program needs to be combined with provisions that state “Any child born in the US to someone who is either a “temporary worker” or who is not in the US legally is not a citizen of the US.” This “anchor baby” scam is killing us financially.

Will it happen? Of course not.