Illegal immigration drops in California

February 13, 2010

The number of illegal immigrants currently living in California has dropped by 200,000, according to a new report issued by the Department of Homeland Security. [Los Angeles Times].

The decline reflects a national trend, showing a drop in illegal immigrants nationwide by more than 800,000. Georgia is the only state reporting an increase in the number of undocumented workers.

Officials disagree over the cause of the decline. Some see it as a result of the downturn in the economy, discouraging  new people from trying to enter the country. Others suggest an increase in deportation and illegals leaving voluntarily.

The number of illegal immigrants currently living in the country is believed to be just under 11 million.

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A law called the Social Security Protection Act of 2004 forbids illegal immigrants from claiming Social Security benefits — but a loophole exists,” Phillips explained.

they can still “steal” from us and never leave Mexico!

“If an immigrant gains what’s called a valid ‘work-authorized‘ Social Security number at some point, then he or she could eventually file a claim for benefits. The government would use all earnings to calculate the retirement benefit — even earnings while working illegally,” Phillips added

The Australian Aborigines have slang for this; “Fair Dinkum” Urban Dictionary:

To mean that something is truthful. Fair share of work, truth, or honesty. Not kidding. Not ‘taking the s**t’, as it were.

Fair dinkum, would I lie to you?

Who’s gonna pick your lettuce now?

With all the job losses, why in the world as a tax payer do I have to pay for these lazy-#$%

people to be driven around to job locations. The job board for non-profit is a joke. It caters to the hispanic-mexican people. What would ever happen if we had a Government that had some balls and a back and took back our county. Nice thinking but will never happen.

AWVP – Agricultural Worker Transportation Coordinator (San Luis Obispo)

Date: 2010-02-13, 3:42PM PST

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Ride-On Transportation is seeking an AWVP Coordinator starting approximately March 1st. This role will be supplemented by general business office support resulting in a full-time position.

The Agricultural Worker Van Pool (AWVP) is a service that provides transportation to meet the specialized needs of agricultural workers in getting to their employment sites in farm fields, vineyards and greenhouses. The AWVP is operated by Ride-On and currently operates 3 vanpools in San Luis Obispo County.


Implement the marketing plan to increase usage of the vanpool service in SLO County.

Recruit drivers and passengers for the vanpools.

Collaborate with other private and government agencies that have programs offering services to farm workers and their families.

Attend community events and conduct direct outreach to farm workers throughout SLO County.

Contact vineyards, farms, workers’ groups, and farm labor contractors to outreach to farm workers.

Ensure that vanpool driver candidates have valid California licenses and receive safety training in the vehicle before the potential drivers are approved.

Train drivers to keep a daily log of the fares collected and the odometer readings for their vehicle.

Connect workers who need a ride with the vanpool driver.

Collect the passenger fares from the drivers and monitor driver and passenger concerns and needs.

Collect vanpool data and generate monthly reports of fares, rides, riders, and trends in ridership.

Maintain the records for each vehicle and coordinate with the Operations Manager of Ride-On to schedule regular preventative maintenance for the vehicles.

Coordinate a Ride-On back-up vehicle when vanpool vehicle is in the maintenance facility.

Document and confirm individual ride requests from the general public.

Provide general office support to the Business Manager of Ride-On.

This position is under supervision of the Executive Director of Ride-On and is under the review of the AWVP Steering Committee.


Bilingual and biliterate in English and Spanish. (Interview will be conducted in Spanish and English.)

Self-starter and reliable team player with a strong initiative.

Ability to work independently at times with minimal supervision.

Customer Service experience and professional phone skills.

Good communications skills for writing, editing, creating, and updating of flyers.

Data Entry skills and basic computer skills including Microsoft Office.


Evaluation and opportunity for a raise every six months.

Health, dental, vision, and life insurance plans are available after six months.

401K plan, paid vacation, holidays, and personal days.

Full-time, starting pay range is $13-16.00 / hour.

How to Apply:

Click on the email link at top of this page to submit a resume.

Include your phone number in your email.

Ride-On Transportation is a non-profit, community-based, cooperative organization that provides transportation to the people of San Luis Obispo County. We are online at .

Location: San Luis Obispo

Compensation: Full-time, starting pay range is $13-16.00 / hour.

This is at a non-profit organization.

Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.

Please, no phone calls about this job!

Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

So how many other of these political pork barrel entitlements do we give to illegal immigrants and mega agribusiness? I remember when the farmers bussed their own workers. Now we are paying for it with our budget deficits?

Cheap labor for farming yes, but many other things. All the fancy restaurants in town employee illegal labor at min. or below min wages.

Really? What restaurants? How many people? How much do they pay them? Have you checked their documentation?

You can’t answer any of these questions, can you?

Oh too baaadddd! Now let’s put our unemployed citizens in the jobs the illegals did at FAIR wages! Illegals weren’t only picking tomatoes, they were driving trucks, performing the trades, working in hospitals etc., because they worked cheap. However the hidden costs were the diseases third world country people brought to our country. Their hospitalization we paid for because they had no insurance. We were obligated to school them, dumming down our students, because we had to bring illegals up to standards with our children. Gangs and grafitti were greatly expanded by their presence, because they got “no respect” in this country and are stressed out! Police are overworked investigating their crimes. At one time newspapers identified whether criminals were legal or illegal citizens. Now politically incorrect to identify in news articles, but 30-40 years ago there was a high number of reported crimes by illegals, I’m sure there are now more. Trails in parks are being closed because illegals working for the Mafia are growing marijuana and making illegal drugs. Insurance rates will drop because we won’t need uninsured drivers insurance. (You think they had excess money for insurance?) . Smog and safety issues will decline because the junker cars will disappear. Anyway I’m sure you can think of a 1,000 other indirect ways we were paying for illegals. Their original purpose was to be a subsidy for mega farms. Again, let’s pay our own citizens a fair wage on the farm (and other low paying jobs) and we won’t have to indirectly pay for illegal immigrants! We’ll reduce our unemployment and reduce much of our state and nation budget issues by eliminating this drain on our economy.

You are a perfect product of media and government brainswashing.

Let’s begin with the healthcare. I will concede they have no insurance. However, many of them also pay taxes (withholding) that never gets returned because they have invalid Social Security numbers. The problem is that this money is sucked up by the federal government and not redistributed to the states who provide the services for the illegal aliens. Make no mistake, illegal aliens pay into the system more than they take out, the issue is simply how it is distributed within the system.

Now let’s talk about police being overworked investigating their crimes. Don’t believe everything police tell you. Police are not “overworked” in this country. First of all, they spend too much time writing tickets and arresting people for acts which have no victims in the sense of natural law. Secondly, by DESIGN they strive to set their workload up for plenty of overtime, so they can take home huge paychecks. Finally, 90% of the Marijuana eradicated by the DEA last year was DITCH WEED, that grows naturally in the United States. They love to use this to pump up their statistics, though. If you want to break the backs of the Mexican mafias, then change the drug laws, JUST LIKE prohibition. People never learn…

Finally, exactly when in your lifetime have we ever paid a fair wage for our own citizens to work on the farm? Farms in this country, and especially California, have never paid a “fair wage.” Migrant workers and other disenfranchised populations (e.g “Okhies”) have been working the fields for paltry wages since day 1.

You concede that they have no insurance and that they pay into the system more than they take out! Baloney.

I have worked in medical billing in California for more than 25 years. I can’t believe the number of patients that come through that are not citizens and yet receive Medi-Cal. In fact many of the Hispanics that we see can’t even speak English and expect (sometimes demand) that we provide an interpretor. What about all the American citizens that can’t afford insurance and yet because they own a car and have a mortgage on a single family home they don’t qualify for assistance. Yet these illegals can apply for Medi-Cal, food stamps, oh excuse me, it’s not called that anymore because recipients feel bad if they have to show their stamps so now the have a nifty looking debit card so no other shopper knows.

I have had patients repeatedly tell me about applying for assistance and been rejected but told by the worker (hush hush) that if they were illegals they could have gotten help immediately.

And what about all these students that the schools have to provide ESL (English as a second language) tutoring for. And guaranteed most of these students are going to be on the reduced or free lunch programs. And in section 8 housing. The fathers may be working in the fields for money and a lot of it goes back to Mexico because what do they need it for living in the U.S. since their food, housing, and health care are paid for. So they send OUR money back to Mexico so that they can get more of their family brought over. And the cycle continues.

What is “sense of natural law”. If there are written laws that people break, whether it is speeding or running a red light, then they should receive the consequences. Whether there is a victim involved or not if laws aren’t followed then there is mass chaos.

And 90% of the mairjuana eradicated by the DEA last year was ditch weed…. I think you need to do some research.

Since our entire existence is now based on partisan politics, let me be the first to ask:

Will the democrats or the republicans be first to take credit for masterminding the economic collapse to address the illegal immigration problem?

Racket, I bet they get together and give them some blankets, like always our government will put the cheapest fix in place, look at history and you will see the future, glad only too have my family and friends, the Repubs., and Dems. will fight it out forever or start giving each other compromised blankets in the very near future. The Dems, make all this political advances and what the hell did it do for the poor? Or anybody else? Freddy Mae and Freddy Mac are happy, how about the rest of the country and their children? Debate? Where’s the promised health care plans? Where’s the closing the gap between the extremely wealthy and the starving within this Country?