Does California even need a lieutenant governor?

February 12, 2010

Lost in the ongoing battle to confirm Abel Maldonado as California’s next lieutenant governor is the move in Sacramento to abolish the office entirely. [Capitol Alert]

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 30, introduced in late January, would abolish the office of lieutenant governor and transfer all duties to the secretary of state.

The amendment, which requires voter approval, was introduced by Republican Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries of Lake Elsinore.

During last year’s budget crisis, for example, Gov. Schwarzenegger used his veto authority to raid nearly two-thirds of the funds that had been budgeted for then-Lt. Governor John Garamendi, reducing the total from $2.8 million to about $1 million.

The reason given at the time:  There was simply more important needs for the money.

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Oh fat chance, lol!! True dat!!

If Maldonado can do the job, than i would think we really don’t need it.