Scandal plagued school superintendent replaced

February 12, 2010

Dean Smith


Superintendent Dean Smith has been replaced, at least temporarily, following a school board meeting in which San Miguel Joint Union School District board members reviewed the results of an investigation that delved into issues about Smith’s relationship with a teenage girl and his job performance.

Following the two-hour closed session Thursday night, board president Meg Brooks announced that the board had voted to appoint Vice Principal Marshall Dennis as the interim superintendent. When asked if the board had terminated Smith, Brooks said that further actions are pending.

The investigation was prompted by allegations, first reported by CalCoastNews, that Smith had been seen spending time with an underage former student we will call “Anne.” Shortly after “Anne” turned 18, she was photographed in public, intimate exchanges with Smith.

In 2003, Smith, then principal of Templeton Middle School, first met and began spending time with “Anne,” a sixth grader. Former teachers describe how Smith favored the child and asked her teachers to do the same.

Following the closed session, officials of the teachers’ association provided the board with a teacher rating report, in which numerous educators voiced their displeasure with Smith. Of those responding to the anonymous survey about Smith’s performance, the majority claimed that Smith was dishonest and did not conduct himself in a professional manner.

The survey also provided a platform for the teachers to write short statements about the school and the superintendent’s performance. The following are five examples of partial teacher comments about Smith:

“I would like the superintendent to go away. He is unfit for the job, quit immediately.”

“He is always out with the junior high kids. I do not see him with the younger students during their recess time. Discipline issues are handled inconsistently.”

“He is prejudiced and has no business working in a district where 70 percent of our students are low income and Mexican. As he has stated, ‘Our district is in PI (program improvement) due to the fact that our district is poor and brown.’”

“His dishonesty, lack of confidentiality, laziness and lack of professionalism is very evident. He is disrespectful to teachers, the school board, parents and the community.”

“The superintendent appears to rely on other to guide him and give suggestions on how to move the school along. He seems to have ‘checked out’ and does not care about what goes on right now.”

During the closed door session, board members discussed Smith’s performance, discipline and possible release, according to the agenda. Members said they did not know when the issues would be resolved and, because of the Brown Act, are not permitted to discuss the issue at this time.

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A fine example of karma. Smith was a bad principal for TMS (talked the talk but never walked the walk), and it seems a similar supervisor for San Miguel. When you are a cr@p person, life will eventually bite you on the behind. Too bad it takes so long sometimes….

It sounds like you know him well and speak for rest of us that had to deal with this lying predator all those years at TMS. You did forget one adjective though, delusional! Good job he_ is_ a_ hypocrit.

In the last article somebody said it best and this jerk might have to fess up to some one imp-articular, like BTDT said,”If this was my daughter, Mr. Smith would be meeting with the business end of my knuckles.” I myself immensely share these same particular views.

The Atascadero School Board could learn a lesson here. How about taking action against Principal EJ Rossi. He stole from those girls and there have been no consequences whatsoever.

Its about time this guy is removed. Now how about our local law enforcement reinvestigating this looney. No 53 year old superentendent has any business, dating an x student. Especally from the 6th grade up. Sick!

Dear North County Mongs,

Please stop molesting your daughters, sisters, and cousins. Stop having numerous sexual partners. Wear a condom. Stop sitting under a tree all day clutching a can of Bud Light. Stop deciding that your neighbor needs to be robbed of everything they own. Stop letting your political and religious leaders squander your wealth on fat pensions and salaries. Stop eyeing up your neighbors 14 year old daughter. Stop marrying every woman you meet. Stop selling your children to your religious nutters. Stop arguing over which sky pixie is the best. Stop spreading your legs for every shaved head with spinners and weed.


Barry Productive Taxpayer

Right on Booty…….their all Racists so they hid your comments. lol

The software is mightier than the troll

Thanks Central Coast News. Yet again you have stood up and exposed something that desperately needed exposure. How important is it to protect the children of our communities and where was the rest of the media?

Tribune? KSBY? New Times? Certainly you must have heard rumblings about this issue but you appear to have been missing in action during last nights meeting. Don’t the kids of San Miguel and Templeton deserve better?

Thanks again CCN. I am in gratitude and will continue to support you.

And to you Mr. Smith, our esteemed former minister …. it is apparent you failed to follow the words of the good book that you so often waived in front of the choir.

If the folks at San Miguel vetted him properly in the first place, everyone from TUSD would have told them this. He is LAZY, self-righteous, racist, lecherous, a liar and basically an unkind man. Congratulations San Miguel. Hope you make it permanent! Dean, this is what you deserve, you are a disgrace to education!

It’s nice to see the board FINALLY starting to take action. It is to bad that it took them soooo long till they started to get around to it. Is it the fact that Cal Coast News shined a light on the situation??