Atascadero teens busted for school yard drug dealing

March 8, 2010

A group of Atascadero teens from three different schools are under investigation for possession of and dealing drugs on school grounds. [AtascaderoNews]

The four students, two boys and two girls from Atascadero’s junior high school, the high school, and the fine arts academy, have been released to their parents. Charges include marijuana possession and selling over-the-counter drugs as pain killers.

Police issued a citation to a 13-year-old girl for selling the supplement melatonin to fellow students under the guise the pills were pain killers.

On March 3, school officials informed police they had detained a group of teens for marijuana and drug possession. Police are continuing to investigate the issue.

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Great job to the administration for catching these kids! Doing your job is making it safer for all the other kids, and I’m glad my daughter feels comfortable and happy going to school everyday!

That 13 year old girl needs to be taught that it is wrong to defraud people or misrepresent the product you are selling, or she’s going to grow up and become a politician or a corporate shill. It’s a gateway crime…