Arnold resigns from Arroyo Grande city council

April 28, 2010

The Arroyo Grande City Council will move quickly to fill a vacancy following Tuesday’s announcement by councilman Ed Arnold that he will resign. [Tribune]

Arnold made the announcement at the start of last night’s meeting. “It’s a very sad time for me,” Arnold said. “I hope that everyone will see I’m not quite the bad guy I’m painted to be in the press right now. Until that time, I don’t see how I could effectively serve the public.”

Arnold’s announcement is the latest chapter in a series of events stemming from his original arrest last December for an attack on a woman who had been living with Arnold and his wife at their Arroyo Grande home.

The councilman, currently in his second term, faces multiple felony charges, including recently added counts of possessing child pornography and using a minor for pornographic images. he is due back in court on May 5.

Mayor Tony Ferrara thanked Arnold for his service.

Meanwhile, the Arroyo Grande City Council will hold a special meeting that same day to consider the process of appointing someone to serve the remainder of Arnold’s term, which runs through 2012.

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It will be interesting how this plays out. Mr Ed, you did the right thing.

This was certainly the right thing for Ed Arnold to do. I figured Funke was grandstanding when he said “over my dead body”. It got him what he wanted, lots of publicity.