Atascadero prohibits medical marijuana dispensaries

April 14, 2010

The Atascadero City Council unanimously voted to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in their city at last night’s council meeting. [KSBY]

City Attorney Brian Pierik made the recommendation to prohibit medical cannabis dispensaries. Pierik said dispensaries would bring problems such as loitering and increased crime and that federal laws prohibit the facilities.

Last night was the second time the council discussed the ordinance slated to ban legal sales of marijuana in the city permanently.

The ban goes into effect in 30 days.

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The city council and their dimwitted attorney are all in the stone age. The people have voted and chosen to allow mmj as a substitute for big pharmas drugs. What’s the problem here? I have a good feeling that Americans for Safe Access will end up in court and win as soon as someone gets popped. This issue of banning collectives has already been battled through appellate court in Butte vs Superior Court and the State Supreme Court refused to hear the case. Therefore it is now case law period. The city attorney is either completely naive or wants to get the city into an expensive lawsuit. I heard that sir Wade McKinney even refused to talk with an ASA member about the process of amending the ordinance. We need to fire his rear end. His good ole boy drinking is going to come to an end.

I find the citation of federal law peculiar in the medical marijuana dispensary issue. On one hand, those who are against the dispensaries are usually for state’s rights on virtually every other socio-political issue. On the other hand, they’re quick to cite the supremacy of federal law when it comes to this plant. What’s more, they never mention that the U.S. Attorney General has stated that the federal government would not enforce federal law against medical marijuana dispensaries.

Also, the claim that the dispensaries cause crime is never backed up with data because the data actually shows the opposite is true.

There’s no hope left for that hill billy town! They would still have slaves if they could.

Cheese, There might be some hope left for Atascadero. Fred Phlum (sp) finally walked his investigative files on the Meek complaint over to the DA’s office. That would be the complaint where Grigger Jones “forged ” (signatures are proven as forged by top forensic specialist) her fathers signatures on a Last Will and Testament that gave everything to her fathers very young 5th wife and suddenly removed Nanci and her brother from their biological fathers well laid plans.

He must of gone on foot over the grade! Or crawled but I’m glad he finally got there, now the D.A. unless prompted to do other wise will deep six this case just like Frank”s.

Regarding crime; banks, liquor stores, convenience stores, and jewelery stores are more likely to get robbed than pot shops so I assume they are next on the list to be banned.

Regarding loitering; ludicrous. The quickest shoppers you will ever see are stoners with a fresh bag.

“Regarding loitering; ludicrous. The quickest shoppers you will ever see are stoners with a fresh bag.”

Hehheh that was a good one Booty, and yes I have to agree.

I love the brings loitering and increased crime. Wasn’t that the same arguement used to try and stop Diamond Adult World? Still waiting on all that crime and prostitution they talked about.

Atascadero this is the 21st Century. Stop using 1930’s scare tactics of REEFER MADNESS.

Why don’t you then use same scare tactics they used to prohibit alchol. They used the same arguement in 1918. Funny thing happened though. Crime went UP after it was prohibited.

Get a grip A -town council. This is not going to bring a fall to western society.

Opps missed by two years. 1920 not 1918.