Police bust Atascadero baby formula gang

April 17, 2010

Atascadero Police suspect four foreign nationals they arrested are members of a gang which has been stealing baby formula from grocery stores throughout California. [KCOY]

Police seized 195 cans of formula from a car driven by one of the suspects as she attempted to leave the Von’s grocery store in Atascadero. The formula had a value of more than $4,000.

Police are working with other California police departments to determine if the women are connected to similar robberies.

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Stolen infant formula has been a problem with grocery stores for years; all sorts of problems are associated with this situation, not the least of which is the tremendous cost to the retail grocery store. In some areas, baby formula is kept under lock and key because it is such a high value target for thieves. The next problem that occurs is the misuse of the actual cans of formula; sometimes the cans are emptied and refilled with bogus formula; sometimes the labels are lifted and put on bogus product; the results are the same either way, unsuspecting parents or hospitals or other nursery operations can end up purchasing a product that is not safe for the babies thinking that they are “saving money” by buying a discounted product. It shouldn’t happen, but it has, and sadly may continue to; if you are buying formula or know someone who does, NEVER buy from someone you don’t fully trust, period.

What the heck? Are they planning to drag a bunch of infants over here and claim them as “anchor” babies, it’s not as if nature doesn’t accommodate a woman to nourish her own offspring.

Actually, that’s my third thought my first thought was what the heck, my second thought was how in the world do you conceal baby formula to the degree that they were pilfering it? I mean those can’s aren’t all that small and they sure did manage to stock pile a load of it.

Oh no, criminal activity in a grocery store. Better close them all down and ban groceries stores in Atascadero. Definitely don’t want any businesses that lead to criminal activity.

I’m not going to give you a thumbs down because I suspect that you are unitizing sarcasm in reference to the Atascadero CC “no vote” on marijuana dispensaries and the bogus, bias, propaganda that Brian P (city attorney) brought to the table.

Thanks for the courtesy Cindy, that’s exactly what was going on here in my post. All businesses are subject to criminal activity, it’s a stupid platform to deny any legal business.