Poor to suffer most under governor’s proposed budget

May 15, 2010

Gov. Schwarzenegger outlined his new budget on Friday, a proposal that would eliminate the state’s welfare-to-work program and most child care for the poor. [Los Angeles Times]

The governor’s $83.4 billion plan would also freeze funding for local schools, further cut state workers’ pay and take away 60 percent of state money for local mental health programs.

Higher education and California state parks would be spared from any cuts.

Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget assumes $3.4 billion in help from Washington to help close a budget gap now estimated at $19.1 billion. Billions more would be saved through accounting moves and fund shifts.

“California no longer has low-hanging fruits,” the governor said Friday. “I now have no choice but to…call for elimination of some very important programs.

Elimination of CalWorks, the state’s main welfare program, would affect 1.3 million people, including about 1 million children. Such a move would make California the only state not to offer a welfare-to-work program for low-income families with children.

Democratic leaders immediately vowed to reject the governor’s plan and develop alternatives, including new taxes on oil companies as well as the abolition of some corporate tax breaks.

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Here’s a lesson in headline writing I learned in J-School;

“World Ends Tomorrow – Women and Poor Hardest Hit” – this is an example of how NOT to write a headline. Another example of a BAD HEADLINE is the one on the top of this article.

And when is a welfare-to-work program available to children? CalWorks affects 1.3 million, 1 million of them are children? We have 1 million CHILDREN employed so they can get this program? WHAT?!?!

This story doesn’t make any sense. It reads like fear-mongering Dem talking points.

Its coming!

More so necessary than bad or equally the same in the beginning phase!