Governor to announce tough budget cuts today

May 14, 2010

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is unexpected Friday afternoon to unveil his latest proposals for closing the multi-billion dollar budget gaps–the emphasis is expected to be on deep budget cuts and elimination of key programs. [Los Angeles Times]

Administration spokesperson Aaron McLear provided few specifics about the governor’s announcement, other than to indicate no new tax increases would be included, but that the spending plan contained “absolutely terrible cuts.”

Observers expect cuts in funding for public schools to be announced. Other likely programs targeted include in-home healthcare for the elderly and disabled, welfare and other social services. The only area expected to get more money is higher education.

California currently faces an $18.6 billion shortfall, which amounts to roughly 20 percent of its general fund spending. The governor and the state Legislature have until June 30 to agree on a new budget, though that deadline has been missed in past years.

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Well, I don’t know if electing Republicans is the answer ( ooopps, did that come out of me?)

However, I know keeping in all the yahoos we have in office now is NOT the answer! The state has many woes: unemployment and the economy are at the top of the list! So what are the kind of things we are looking at? Let’s just say that neither the governator or the legislatorture is addressing the big things I just mentioned.

The unfortunate thing is that — as of yet– California hasn’t figured out how to print money, so the hard cuts that will be happening are now out of their hands…. besides, they had their chance to fix things… but they were too busy on getting reelected.

As for those who think Prop 13 is the root of all evil… sorry boys and girls… having seen how families and older folks were saved from losing their homes when this prop came about… it needs to stay. The state of california, our counties and our cites just need to become ‘sustainable’… and try that without raising taxes and putting the burden on the rest of us!

Roger Freberg

Meg Ryan’s (Endorse by Pete Wilson) initial radio ad said:

“I will crack down on Los Angeles and San Francisco for sanctuary for illegal aliens”


“I will crack down on San Francisco for sanctuary for illegal aliens”

This is a strange modification to figure out.

(Of course there is a mix of illegal aliens for all over the world)

Most illegal aliens in San Francisco are Asians.


Most illegal aliens in Los Angeles are Hispanics.

Unfortunately she needs Hispanic votes even illegal alien votes to be governor.

I don’t know whether to consider her or not.

Who is a good candidate for Governor?

Willie, Meg Ryan is an actress. Did you mean Meg Whittman who is running for Governor?

Yes, I errored, thank you BTDT

This predicament came about due to Republicanism/Reaganism. Period. Prop 13, tax cuts, PLEDGING to never increase taxes, allowing machinations by fellow travelers like “Kenny Boy”. Civil service isn’t your enemy. Free marketers were more than happy to bash, trash and laugh at government workers while the false economy rewarded them for selling overseas goods, overvalued real estate and empty services like cell phone minutes(!?). They tricked YOU, their supporters, into putting that money into the stock market or your own inflated housing market.. All those basics for a “You know better how to spend your money” retirement. Then the “Invisible hand” took it away. So, scapegoat retirees who plugged along while you played with your play money never picking up a check for education, highways, wildfire protection and the like. Throw in some immigrants, too. Then, elect more Republicans.

Mike. It isn’t Reaganism that is to blame. Prop. 13 isn’t to blame. Don’t have all these social programs and you won’t break the back of Government. PERIOD!! If you don’t have so much B.S., you can live within your means like Joe Blow average.

I have watched as an example schools. I am all for building new schools but then something perverse started happening in the ’90s. Simple things started to get out of hand (i.e. waste) and schools got EXPENSIVE. Example. Something as simple as chain link fencing. Here in Paso back then, they were getting ready to build Kermit King Elem. They had this fancy wrought iron fence they wanted to do around the school and many other extras. When the voters didn’t vote the bond to do it, it was surprising how suddenly they build it without bonds. How?? They saved a ton of $$ by cutting out all the B.S.!!!!!!!

I went to school with no frills in the 70’s and did fine. That is my point. YES we need certain Government things and spending but the WASTE in this state has brought it to it’s knees and if you don’t think so Mike, then you need to stop blaming everything on Reagan, pull your head out of the sand and wakeup. That is the true reality my friend.

Oh and one last thing Mike. WHAT DOES A GOVERNMENT WORKER PROVIDE?? They make NOTHING! Provide nothing. They provide a service but make NO profit (expect taxing the hell out of it’s citizens)

What does private sector make? Many things. Does it make profit? Yes. Is it that profit that Government and it’s workers benifit from? Yes. NO private sector=No Government or Government jobs.

What does Greece and California have in common? Both are prime examples of socialism gone bad. You can’t have people all retiring at 50 to live another 30+ years with salary and benifits and not bankrupt the system. Yes it would be nice if it could work. I would be all for it but these two examples show why we don’t live in a perfect world and you can’t have 1/2 the people paying for the other 1/2. The math doesn’t compute.