Three finalists named for Warren Baker’s job

May 21, 2010

Cal Poly officials released the names Friday morning of the three finalists to replace Warren Baker as university president. Baker is retiring after serving as president since 1979.

Each of the three candidates is being brought to campus next week for a flurry of interviews with staff, students, and faculty.

The three announced finalists are:

Sona K. Andrews, provost and vice-president for academic affairs and professor of geosciences at Boise State University, is scheduled to be interviewed on Monday.

Carlo Montemagno, dean and professor of engineering education at the University of Cincinnatti, will be interviewed on Tuesday.

Steven R. Angle, provost and professor of chemistry at Wright State University in Dayton Ohio, comes to campus on Wednesday.

A public forum for the community to meet each candidate will be held daily from 4:10 to 5:30 p.m. in the Advanced Technologies Laboratories on campus.

The new president is expected to be named by the Board of Trustees in early June.

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Well… I am sure you realize that two of the folks offered up as candidates don’t have a chance in hell of being selected to be President…. they don’t have the ‘right qualifications’ ( unless my super secret research has turned out incorrect… which has been known to happen.)

Let’s just say, that the ‘right candidate’ will have gone to a particular school… probably Notre Dame.

The amusing thing is that all of the candidates are very hard to find anything about, even their colleagues aren’t talking. So, my question is: is is supposed to be a surprise to all ‘stakeholders’ in Cal Poly when the new President is selected… or is there even going to be any public interviews?

What are you afraid of CSU, Cal Poly and George Gowgani?

Somebody replied to this story over at the Tribune in a blog.

They said : “Who’s the Tribune backing? The one with the GED?”

I almost spit my soda out through my nose, I laughed so hard.

One thing you can say, at least it’s not a good old boys list. Not like the local sherrifs race.