Election night cliffhanger: Blakeslee is close

June 22, 2010

Sam Blakeslee By Dennis Eamon Young Photo

Republican Sam Blakeslee came oh-so-close Tuesday night to clinching the state Senate race outright, but he fell short by only a handful of votes, leading observers to wonder whether there are uncounted absentee ballots remaining that might yet allow him to claim victory.

With the initial votes in from all five counties, Blakeslee has 64,676 votes (49.71 percent), after carrying San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Santa Clara Counties. Democrat John Laird finished second with 53,639 votes (41.23 percent), after carrying Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties.

Independent Jim Fitzgerald finished third with 7,936 votes (6.10 percent) and Libertarian Mark Hinkle was far behind with 3,848 votes (2.96 percent).

Blakeslee needs 50 percent, plus one vote, to avoid a runoff election in August against Laird. Currently, his fate lies in the hands of any absentee ballots. If all the votes have been counted, then Blakeslee and Laird face off again on August 17.

CalCoastNews will post more election coverage as events unfold.

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Let the name slinging here and in the mailbox begin!!

From the Trib:

“Blakeslee downplayed his government experience and in his ballot designation declined to mention that he was the Assembly’s Republican leader during much of last year’s budget crisis.

Instead, he attacked Laird, who was chairman of the Assembly budget committee for several years, for creating the state’s fiscal “train wreck.”

Lost his soul, he did.

O.k. let me get this straight. Blakeslee was the head of the Rebublican’s who are the minority party.

Laird is in the party that is the majority, was not a leader but was on the budget committee.

Now who would have had more influence. One in charge of a minority party who is at the head and nothing else or one who is the head of the budget comittee that, hmm let me see, MAKES A BUDGET!!??

So I guess I fail to see what your connection is that Blakeslee would somehow be more responsible than Laird. Of course I can feel, all the anti-oil people ready to jump. Let’s get an arguement that says what it was, to the time frame that Use it mentioned.

As much as I hope Sam doesn’t find the votes he needs, I can hardly wait for the run-off campaign. If you think your mailbox has been stuffed with poo this time around, just hold on to your hats because the sewage will reach epic proportions when it’s all-or-nothing. Oh goodie –

I didn’t get the chance to call into Dave’s show when Sam was on; I was going to ask him how many state budgets he has had a hand in negotiating, and how many he voted for. I was expecting him to say that he was involved in 5 or 6 budgets, but didn’t vote for any of them. Nice. I wonder how many more times he will vote NO.

In the true spirit of big oil, big pharma and big insurance Sam has nearly bought the election. Somehow the repos always get the riff raff to vote against their own best interests and select the big money boys. If elected Sam will throw some bones to the rank and file and then join the other rapacious neo cons to rip off his own supporters who are and will be too dumb to even realize it.