More funding approved for Montana de Oro expansion

June 7, 2010

State conservation officials have approved nearly $7 million to purchase 2,400 acres of land west of San Luis Obispo, part of an ongoing effort to expand Montana de Oro Stare Park. [Tribune]

The state Wildlife Conservation Board voted to allocate $6,735 million in bond money for the purchase of Wild Cherry Canyon, also known as Avila Ranch, in the southern Irish Hills.

Plans call to expand Montana de Oro by 5,500 acres, to a a total of 13,500 acres, making it one of the largest California state parks.

Next up:  the State Public Works Board will schedule a meeting to approve the final $7 million needed to complete the project. The board is expected  to allocate State Parks Department bond funds that voters set aside for conservation of the Irish Hills as part of a larger voter bond initiative.

The acquisition is viewed as a future boon for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Hiker, mountains bikers and horseback riders will be able to enjoy miles of trails and dirt roads.

A 15-20 mile extension of the California Coastal Trail, linking Los Osos to Avila Beach, is also planned.

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You can bet your life in 50 yrs. you’ll be hiking thru houses, restaurants and golf courses on the “new trail”. Look who’s pushing this stuff through. The money manager for SLO’s rich elite, Blakeslee.

I don’t get it, wasn’t Schwarznegger trying to close it down, as well as a whole list of parks in California, for lack of funds not too long ago?

If the State’s in the red, what’s it doing spending more money buying up private land?

Or is acquisition and elimination of private land more important than balancing the budget?

Good thing the Gubment has its priorities in line.