Deputies transgressions caught on videotape

July 16, 2010

Deputy Darren Murphy is at right.

Which has the most weight in a court of law — the testimony of a law enforcement official, or that of an average, law-abiding citizen?

A rare opportunity to see, and hear, how some San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s deputies view the U.S. Constitution is contained in a 22-minute “mini-documentary” on a news website just launched. That opportunity is presented by deputies themselves, talking into their shoulder microphones and standing in front of their vehicle-mounted cameras.

In this case, the recordings tilt the argument in favor of the citizen… in a big way.

Deputy Darren Murphy is featured in the first video report by, a project of Central Coast News Agency. Murphy leads a squad of heavily armed deputies into the yard of a North County man,  then into the man’s house , and ultimately, into a locked gun safe. Sheriff’s department recordings made by the deputies themselves clearly illustrate their lack of concern for individual rights; deputies can be overheard manufacturing reasons for the intrusion into the home, the gun safe, and for the pending arrest of longtime resident Matt Hart.

The video report is the first of what Central Coast News Agency editor Daniel Blackburn says will be monthly offerings by the new Web site.

Blackburn, who helped found, cited “Deputy Murphy’s uncensored, darkly disturbing observations and behavior following his Code 3 arrival at the rural home of Hart. Those utterances were picked up by Murphy’s and other deputies’ own recorders,” Blackburn said.

“Those recordings provide a rare, frighteningly revealing, behind-the-scenes perspective of how one local law enforcement agency views the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and other laws its personnel are sworn to uphold,” he said.

Watch the full video documentary at Note, you may have to download plug-ins in order to view the video.


I think the folks over at have been waiting for something like this to sink their teeth into. They aren’t going to stop until every orifice of the SLOC Sheriff’s Department is flowing red. I hope the FBI and the ACLU choose to join the feast…


This story seems to be gaining a great deal of media attention. I’m pleased to see that the people of SLO County and even across this country haven’t become complacent. The video, complete with audio tells a story that can not be denied. I had to see it to believe it and personally, I find the egregious behavior of these deputies to be, hostile, unethical and criminal. I hope that we will all demand that all law enforcement are to maintain open electronic communications when they are on duty and particularly when they effect a stop and/or approach a citizen. I am flabbergasted when I consider what Mr. Hart’s outcome might have been without these recordings. I also find it disturbing when I consider the 4 San Luis Police Officers who claimed that all their recordings failed during an encounter with a SLO citizen that cost us all over 200K for a police brutality settlement. This can never be tolerated again.

Thank You Mr. Blackburn for your efforts.

I would also like to thank the Calgun Association for stepping up to assist Mr Hart with his legal pursuit for justice. This does every American citizen a great service and while I don’t like guns, I don’t like what occurred either. I find guns the less of the two evils. Thank You Calgun Association.


If Darren Murphy actually passed the California State Bar, maybe his law license will be revoked once he is dragged into court? That would be as they say, “epic justice.”


“Poetic Justice”.

One of my favorite cliches’.


That too! It would really be something if the FBI were to really crawl-up the colon of the SLOC Sheriff’s Office…


I hear that he is going to specialize in Constitutional Law…


Jury members should begin practicing nullification. If you don’t think the law is constitutional, or disagree with the judge allowing or disallowing certain evidence, you should hang the jury. This will decrease the tendency of people who opt for plea bargains, one of the great perversions of justice.

The judge will inform you that you do not have this right. But obviously you do not have to explain your vote to anyone if you don’t want to. You have the right as a juror to vote however you please, and the judge can stick his jury instructions up whatever orifice he chooses.


Dan will be interviewed tonight (Tuesday) on KVEC 920 AM startiing at 5:05. Out of town listeners can catch it live at


For anyone having trouble viewing the video in QuickTime or locating all three parts on U-Tube. Here is a site that has the video in it’s entirety in the U-Tube format (no need to download anything). This story and video has gone viral. New sites seem to be posting it by the hour! I sure hope Matt takes this to trial and doesn’t let them off the hook when they get scared and finally give the remaining guns back, including the one that Murphy wanted and probably has in his personal possession. They took 14 guns and kept the 4 they liked! These deputies need to be dealt with. It’s Matt’s turn now. Like the deputy said, “we can do anything we want” and yes they can, anybody can do anything they want but there are also consequences. Whose the asshole now?


A Mr. Guy Murray asked for Cortez’ and Parkinson’s opinions of this video on their Facebook pages on July 16th. Still no reply from either. I find that troubling.


The below is a post that I retrieved from the comment section of the Nipomo News regarding this story.

If anyone in the Central Coast area knows Mr. Hart personally, please refer him to The largest group of gun owners in CA would like to assist if at all possible with the return of his firearms and/or legal defense.


What is wrong with Darren Murphy? I read and kinda remember that he did pass the State bar law exam. May be mistaken. Hope so. Murphy has no integrity left. Any pending cases he has to testify in may as well be dismissed. What a lying, story fabricating, idiot. How many others were wrongfully prosecuted because of the man’s ego?

There is a joke in law enforcement circles, “you don’t need probable cause until you find something.” Most LEO’s know it is a joke, not this guy. Murphy took an oath to protect everyone’s civil rights; including the accused, and the AHoles. It is time for Murphy to hit the road, Hart should be bringing a federal civil rights action against him too. What an outrage! Rouge cops suck!!!


After a run in with Murphy I told a deputy friend of mine about the encounter.He informed me Murphy has reported to superiors and fellow co-workers for years his many documented experiences with SPACE VISITORS ON GRAVEYARD SHIFTS.He is a nut and after talking to him for about 10 minutes most people would come to the same decision.I explained to him that any more conversations would take place with my attorney present and only then did he leave.

After working in the legal community here in SLO county for 8 years, I have made the decision that I won’t communicate with officers beyond name,drivers license etc. unless represented by council.

My best advice to all is lawyer up as soon as possible,my deputy friend said he would do the same because of what he has seen and how he has witnessed “investigations” .