Sunny Acres: The documentary

July 16, 2010

[youtube h4lLPSdJ0pM 630 375]

Dan DeVaul has been getting all sorts of media attention lately. Now he’s apparently going Hollywood. A pair of documentary filmmakers have been shadowing DeVaul and will soon release a documentary about the whole controversy.

Here’s the trailer:

Video from YouTube user PCPROMEDIA

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His mission is honorable but the tactics have proven ineffective. A documantary will not likely produce any results to carry on his objective. My advice is to request a meeting with County Planning, County Social Services and the Probation Department who collectively approve group homes and facilities. If he is not treated fairly or legally during that meeting, then he has cause of action. That is where progress will be made, not in a media attempt where his reception is only luke warm. Just my opinion.

———————-More power to Dan, as in Oceano the homless are being rounded up.

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Not likely a Michael Moore expose. Who would actually pay to view this? The Los Osos sewer has more drama and a better plot than this.

This is a good human nature story. The characters are interesting and everyone has a story to tell. I think what the county is doing to Dan is inexcusable. Rather than figuring out how to throw these people out on the streets, they should be working on a solution. I think the documentary will be helpful. Hopefully someone with the means and compassion will come along and assist him.