Wyatt Earp is buried in San Francisco?

July 25, 2010

They left their hearts in San Francisco. And their arms. And their legs. And their eyes. And just about every other appendage and organ one can imagine. These are the rich and famous, including Wyatt Earp, who all chose San Francisco as their final resting place. [Chronicle]

William Randolph Hearst  (1863-1951) is buried in Cypress Lawn in Colma, in a mausoleum that resembles a small Greek Parthenon. The tomb is unmarked from the outside.

Fans still leave baseballs and bats at the grave of baseball legend Joe DiMaggio (1914-1999) at Holy Cross Cemetery, also in Colma. Edmund G. “Pat” Brown (1905-1996) and assassinated Mayor George Moscone (1929-1978) are nearby.

Activist Harvey Milk (1930-1978) had his ashes buried underneath a plaque on the sidewalk in front of his photography store at 575 Castro Street.

The immaculate grounds of Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland is home to several famous California millionaires, including Douglas Ghirardelli (1817-1894), James Folger (1835-1889) and Kaiser  Permanente founder Henry Kaiser (1882-1967).

And, yes, famed lawman Wyatt Earp (1848-1929) is more than O.K. with being buried at the Hills of Eternity in Colma, side by side with his bride Josephine Marcus. Story has it that Marcus was running away from wealthy Jewish parents when she met Earp in the Arizona territory.

Visitors are known to leave bullets and poker chips at Earp’s grave.

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Wyatt Earp! I love this stuff, thanks for putting up the story.

Al’s tip on checking out Old Molloy’s Tavern sounds like a taker next time I’m in that area. Wish Al would have told us more about the tavern’s history. Wonder if it’s where Wyatt used to drink whiskey and gamble?

Visitors to Henry Kaiser’s grave should leave unjustified claim denials, illegal rescission notices, and notices of premium increases. But definitely no tax receipts. Because Kaiser Permanente makes billions in profits but NEVER pays a nickel in taxes.

Kaiser Permanente – the parasite that is killing California.

john, let poor Henry rest in peace, I doubt it was his intention that Kaiser Health would become the whore that it is today. The fact that his descendants have dishonored his good intentions doesn’t mean the rest of us have to.

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Joshua A. Norton… “Emperor Norton”… Emperor of The United States and Protector of Mexico. 1869

Buried in Colma. You know when you are in Colma when you see bumper stickers that read “It’s great to be alive in Colma” Be sure to stop in at Old Molloy’s Tavern if you visit.