California law seeking to ‘cure’ gays under scrutiny

August 26, 2010

Legislation to eliminate a 60-year-old law requiring the state to ‘cure” gays and lesbians has been sent to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. [MercuryNews]

The long-ignored provision in the Welfare and Institution Code classifies gays as deviants. It requires the Department of Mental Health to search for causes and possible cures.

The bill, AB2199, was carried by Sen. Roy Ashburn. Earlier this year,  Ashburn, a Republican from Bakersfield, admitted he was gay after he was cited for driving drunk while leaving a gay bar.

The measure unanimously passed the Senate without debate.

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How much has this cost us?

There’s still something odd about a system where a bill needs to be passed in order to negate bad law. Can’t the law just be “deleted?”

I suspect the practice has more to do with accepted publication & litigation practices, where an infinite number of volumes of addenda to existing law are continuously being produced, instead of re-issuing existing law text with strikeout text actually removed.

It creates a system that is forever looking backwards.

Hahhaah Hodin, I am an east coast born, raised and educated citizen. It’s still a joke to this day that if I ride my horse to the local Holiday Inn in Massachusetts that they have to board and feed it! Yeah really!


It’s a known fact that sexual deviants can not be cured. They always go back to what they like.

Amen! and we like it that way! :)

Nope, there are some sort’s of sexual deviance’s that we “absolutely” do not like. We do not like the sorts that have a deviance towards those that are age inappropriate. Especially the very little ones, NO?

Yes but that’s not what this article was about, and in any case you should let me have a little fun without reminding me that there is a world full of despicable people. :)