Bottles containing meth residue explode

September 18, 2010

Three bottles containing chemicals used to make meth exploded spraying an Oceano mobile homes park groundskeeper with the liquid on Friday. [Tribune]

The grounds keeper found three bottles with liquid residue at Rancho Del Arroyo Park and tossed them in the back of his truck. He then  drove off at around 11:30 a.m.

One of the bottles exploded and sprayed the man with chemicals used to make meth.

The unidentified man was able to get away from the vehicle before a second bottle exploded. He did not appear to be injured.

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An interesting story lacking detail. First, “containing chemicals used to make meth” does not equal “remnants of meth production”. The story or the cops should have been more clear. I dislike being led into assumptions.

That said, there is a newly popular method of meth production that can be done in the car while driving around. This scheme avoids neighbors smelling an odor and it is all done in one bottle so the remains can just be thrown out the window to join other roadside trash. The disposed bottle contains acid and can explode, so it is possible that is what occurred here. Again, I don’t appreciate assumptions, but the appearance appears strong.

if officers were more clear than they would just be like the New Times giving a recipe for meth production so in the interest of preventing labs i am guessing that is why they are vague.

Secondly you obviously do not know what you are talking about because the “one pot” method used to produce meth in a bottle does not use any type of acid, for the cooking process.

The vagueness is lack of communicating if they suspected meth production. Any bottle of ammonia contains chemicals used to make meth, and lots of people have ammonia. Are we to believe this was actually the trash thrown out my a meth producer, or just a random bottle of some household chemical? THAT is what needs clarity.

And thank you for pointing out that I don’t know much about meth manufacturing. However I took the information straight from the New York Times. Perhaps you’d like to share your credentials and expertise? Explain what the exploding chemicals might have been?

It’s pretty obvious that meth is a public menace. It’s way past time to take the definition of punishment away from the courts.

Six months hard labor with tents for living bad food and no visitation.

Yet it’s ok for large pharmaceutical companies to make it, package it under a variety of brand names, and shove the down the throats of American children?