Man stabbed for being gay

September 17, 2010

A Santa Maria man stabbed a Denny’s employee twice in the neck and throat after he learned the man was gay at about 3:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The unnamed victim is expected to recover from his injuries.

Curtis Martin, 24, knocked on the closed Santa Maria restaurant window and asked to use the restroom. He was let in and approached a table of employees and asked the victim if he was gay.

After the victim said he was gay, Martin began stabbing him. Martin fled the scene and ran to his vehicle.

Santa Maria Police found Martin headed southbound on Main Street.


I’d give him the chair.


Why was this parolee originally locked up? I hope he gets “turned out” by a huge knuckle-dragging jocker in the pen. The least he deserves.


When the young man who did the attacking is sent to prison for the hate crime he apparently committed, I wonder how many times he will be made into someone’s “girlfriend”. More likely though he will be protected by the skin head gangs in prison. Let’s just hope he is sent away for a really long time.


To the person or person’s leaving neg. on this article I was curious. The people posting below this all have a good point of how unacceptable this crime is. So in leaving neg. are you saying that this attidute of stabbing people is o.k.? Or it is o.k. as long as they are gay? Wrong is wrong. PERIOD!!


The fact this guy is scum goes without saying. But what kind of society do we live in where a guy can approach a group of people at a table, stab one of them, and not get ripped to pieces at the scene. Everyone is a victim nowadays, no one will stand up and take care of business anymore, and that’s why we’re just getting led like sheep to the slaughter.


Good point mkaney. It reminds me of when they caught the Nightstalker in L.A. in ’86. The neighbors in a neiborhood recognized him. They went after him with sticks and metal pipes. Rameriz was never so glad as to see when the cops showed up and pulled all the neighbors off him, before they beat him to death. If I remember right Rameriz had to make a trip to the hosipital before being booked, because of his wounds.


Yes, I remember that story. They sure did beat the daylights out of Ramirez! We really don’t know who was sitting at the table that evening in Denny’s. They were probably young woman and one or two bus boy’s. With one of them seriously injured and everyone in shock, I have do doubt that it was chaos.

One thing we all know is that a small group of guy’s with box cutters will never take over an airplane again. I have no doubt that people will never sit back and go for that ride without a knock down fight.

I sure wish BTDT and McKanney would have been around when that guy punched that young girl in the face on the street in downtown SLO.


Richard Ramirez AKA Night Stalker.

Was beaten by neighborhood gang members, not by the average bystander.

Richard Ramirez is one of the scariest people I ever encountered.


You encountered him? Tell us about it, I’m very curious.


I was a young EMT assigned to a unit that covered the county jails and was on duty the day they caught him. Unfortunately, I encountered him several times while he was in county jail. In my dealings with him, he never spoke, his facial expression never changed, he would stare you in the eye and never blink or look away. He would sit in his cell in a chair bolted to the floor and stare at the door window and not move a muscle for hours at a time. When I first encountered him, I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It was a scary first impression.

I don’t believe in superstition or any thing like that. However, when ever you were close to the guy you could feel the evil around him and see it in his eyes. Everyone I knew who encountered him talked about that overwhelming feeling of pure evil we all felt when around him. All my encounters were during his first 6 weeks in jail.


Bob2010, Your impression is interesting. You know that he was a Satanist and when he was returning to LA on the bus (just prior to his capture) he believed that Satan had abandoned him. Not only was he completely psychotic but he was also resigned to the fact that he belonged to Satan and in a sense was completely detached from any semblance of reality other than his own and his perception of Satan! I think what you felt is sort of like what we pick up on when we are around a mean dog that is bearing it’s teeth vs a sweet dog that loves everybody. The dog with the teeth can be very unnerving. Funny thing is that when it’s a dog we know what to do with it. We don’t know why it’s like it is but we know that we can’t keep it around. We don’t even judge it other than to kindly euthanize it. Some people are dogs.


I’ve read about crimes where you wonder what the by-standers were doing – but not this one. We have no idea how many employees, if they were male or female. This guy is big, he has a knife and he obviously won’t hesitate to kill. One of the employees could have been seriously injured confronting him. The police did capture him quickly, so the employees must have been helpful under stressful circumstances to say the least.


Admittedly I am making some assumptions in the interest of making a point. However I would hope that there was at least one person who stood up. I know we’ve all been trained that it’s stupid because we might get hurt or killed. Well, that’s kind of the point of a selfless act, we don’t consider ourselves when doing it and the community starts becoming the kind of place that things like this don’t happen very often because there is accountability.

And it’s amazing that the police did manage to catch him so quickly going south on Main Street, because Main St. runs East-West. lol


SM has two “Main” Sts.


Another good reason why you don’t open a locked door at 3:30am!

Anon E. Muss

I thought Denny’s was open 24 hours.


This guy was obviously out to kill his victim. Thank goodness the kid will survive – he is lucky to survive stabs in the neck and throat. But what a horrible traumatic event he now has to live with as a victim of a hate crime. Physical and emotional scars forever. I hope Denny’s provided him with health insurance so he is not facing collection calls from the hospital and bankruptcy after this.


Is it just me or does this guy from appearance and demeanor come off like a skinhead??

Also WHAT in the hell is this guy high on? Look at the readness of his eyes and his pupils.

Time to get out that old thick book, whack him up side the head and then throw it at him. What an a**hole.


Yes he looks and acts like a skin head. What a horrible excuse for a human being.