Woman’s murderers turned on grave digger

September 28, 2010

Cody Lane Miller

The alleged murderers of the woman whose charred remains were found in Santa Margarita on Sunday turned on one another while trying to dispose of her body.

Sources tell CalCoastNews that Cody Lane Miller, 20, of Fresno was digging a grave to place the body of the unnamed woman when his former cohorts turned on him and began beating him in the face with the shovel. Miller escaped and was taken to a local hospital where he received facial surgery and had his jaw wired shut.

He remained in the hospital under guard until his release and subsequent arrest on Monday afternoon.

Shortly after 5 a.m. on Sunday, firefighters responding to a vegetation fire near Park Hill Road discovered the body in a shallow grave.

Investigators were able to trace a vehicle from the scene to a home in Nipomo where they arrested three of the alleged murderers on Sunday.The deputies investigation led to the arrests of 20-year-old Jason Greenwell of Nipomo, 47-year-old Rhonda Wisto of Nipomo, 28-year-old Ty Hill of Santa Maria, 19-year-old Frank York of Nipomo and Miller.

All five have been booked into San Luis Obispo County jail on murder charges.

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Growing up in this small community I’ve heard these suspects names, seen their faces, and have seen first hand some of their tasteless behavior. Mr. York fathered three children starting at the young age of 16.…his “fiancée” was 18 at the time….So it seems as though maybe, just maybe, “Ilovemyfamily” has some issues herself, but to actually defend such a monster, is sick and twisted. Do yourself a favor kid….forget about the loser, clean yourself up, and find someone to love you and your babies. Time to but on your big girl panties and move on. As for the rest of these people, they do not deserve the death penalty. They deserve to live the rest of their lives in prison where people who commit these sort of crimes against young women are abused, and treated like the scum of the world. Where they will contemplate suicide daily and live in fear. It cannot be compared to what they’ve done to this poor child, but it’s a start. I hope that our judicial system handles this, and that there are no deals, no discrepancies, and that justice is served. But one can only hope.

To the family of the young victim, my deepest sympathy. May you find peace in this time of sorrow.

Yea hard call on either death penalty or life. Which would be the worst for these animals.

This group (in my opinion) ranks up there in their callousness with the Manson Family. Manson family had the same disregard for life both before and after death. I.e. what they did and wanted to do to the bodies EVEN after they were already dead.

These people are animals that you will NEVER rehabilitate. If you think you will, you are fooling yourself.

These AH’s need to play pokemon till they die in prison.

O.k. I am frothing at the mouth. Livid and ready to loose it. With that said I am breaking a cardinal rule here at CCN. If I get sent to the dog house so be it. I am wanting to post this in direct responce to (who may be a troll) ilovemylilfamily ‘s post. I understand wanting to defend and stand up for a family that has a dirtbag son but can you still expect those of us here to feel empathy for this family now that it has come out that the woman killed WAS NOT a woman but a mere child!! A girl of only fifteen!! Not only murdered but BRUTALLY disposed of like comon garbage!!! I have HAD IT with the feel for the victims family and how hard it is on them and their children mentality. How about this poor girls family to not only be horrified that their child is gone but in the manner of which it was done. These assholes are not even good enough for the death penalty. It is WAY to humane for them compared to what they did to her. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Pisses me off!!!!!!!!!

I have always thought that life in prison is a greater punishment than the death penalty. Although when I hear of these sorts of crimes, my initial reaction is that I want to see the perps dead. The fact that they did so much damage to this deceased girl makes it all the more horrific as it shows no remorse and I can’t imagine what her poor family must be going through.

Something that I find curious is the fact that they turned on the guy that was digging her grave and then they lit a fire instead? If they hadn’t started the fire, they might not have come to the attention of LE for sometime? I guess we will have to wait for the facts to come out on this.

Either way, I’m sure this has got to be heart wrenching for this young girls family, may her loved ones find peace and know that we are all outraged and justice will be served to the fullest extent possible. While it’s rare that 99% of the people in this county agree on anything, I think seeking the most severe punishment, be it life without parole or death is something that we can count on from each other.